Featured White Paper: Reverse Engineering with 3D Measurement

Rev Eng

Okay, so the question is: what exactly is reverse engineering?

Reverse Engineering is the process of duplicating an existing product without the aid of drawings, documentation, or computer models.

Normally the product designer creates a drawing showing how an object is to be built and then the object is manufactured by following the design drawing.

However, with reverse engineering the steps are inverted and the object is ‘reverse engineered’ to discover its structure, function and operation. Therefore, duplication of the part is enabled by capturing physical dimensions, features and material properties.

The FARO ScanArm is a portable CMM ideally suited for reverse engineering applications. One key advantage of using the ScanArm to inspect is that soft, deformable, and complex shapes can be easily inspected without coming into contact with the part, greatly reducing the risk of damaging the item.

Interested in reading more about reverse engineering and success stories with its use? Download the full white paper here!


Featured White Paper: an Introduction to 3D measurement technology

White Paper: An introduction to 3D measurement technology

Whether it’s small machined parts requiring precision diameters, alignment of large equipment or setting up machine tools, or even documenting entire buildings and environments, three-dimensional measurement data can help companies make more informed decisions and produce better quality products.

Read this white paper to learn more about the latest 3D measurement tools, how they work, and their common applications.

For access to other white papers on 3D measurement topics, follow this link.




Laser Trackers in Aerospace Tooling

Laser trackers give aircraft builders the ability to manage the entire manufacturing process – from design to final dimensional checking.

Due to its enormous range, precision, and speed the laser tracker enables users to be more cost competitive by shifting the whole process of design and development into the virtual realm.

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White Paper: An Introduction to Portable CMMs

This White Paper gives an introduction to portable 3D measurement technology and describes why portable measuring devices enjoy great popularity.

Companies receive the precise results required while gaining flexibility to use the device whereever and whenever it’s needed. Scrap can be reduced and measurement times can be shortened – both leading to improved product quality.

Download White Paper as pdf


White Paper | Alternative to Check Fixtures

By utilizing modular tooling fixtures and portable CMMs, manufacturers can eliminate the need for many or all check fixtures in their factories. The solution pays for itself as soon as a check fixture that would normally need to be built, is no longer required. In addition, the modular tooling and portable CMM solution eliminates the need for storage, maintenance and rework costs for check fixtures not currently in use.

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