Video: Full Webinar for Scene 5.3 and Webshare Cloud

Missed the FARO Scene 5.3 webinar? Watch the recorded version of the launch webinar of FARO Scene 5.3 and Webshare Cloud now!

Oliver Bürkler, Senior Product Manager at FARO takes us through the latest and greatest features of the recently launched Laser Scanner software.


Video: New Correspondence Feature with Scene 5.3

In a series of recorded videos, 3D Documentation Engineer Si Horton explains differnet features of the new FARO Scene 5.3.

In this video Si explains how you can use the ‘Correspondence Split View’ to match similar areas in neighbouring scans, meaning any missing positioning information problems can be resolved.


What to do when CAD-files are non-existent or lost?

Find out in this one-minute video how to reverse engineer a piece with the FARO Edge ScanArm. After quickly scanning a part with the integrated laser scanner arm, surface models are created that can be used for surface reconstruction or reproduction of a component.

Reverse engineering of components permits the generation of CAD files of parts whose plans are either non-existent or were lost. It is also used to update or create documentation of the existing, as-built situation. Users can quickly scan a room or object and create surface models that can then be used for surface reconstruction.


LeaderTek and Rapidform Bring 3D Scanning to Life of Pi!

LeaderTek used a FARO Focus 3D laser scanner to digitally capture the lifeboat and floating raft.The studio making the 3D adventure film ‘Life of Pi’ hired 3D scanning service bureau LeaderTek to occupy itself with the many amazing special effects.

LeaderTek used a FARO Focus 3D laser scanner to digitally capture the lifeboat and floating raft. They used Rapidform XOR reverse engineering software to merge and optimize the massive point cloud scan data into a mesh STL file.

Read the full story on

For those who haven’t seen the film yet, here’s the trailer of the film!


3D documentation in the construction sector with the FARO Focus3D

Watch this video and find out how laserscanning technology supports the real estate and construction sector.

Discover the brought field of activities which the Focus3D can easily handle. Its portability and its compact design make it an indispensable tool for architects, construction engineers and BIM managers.


Indoor mapping and point clouds using Kinect and SCENECT

Have a look at this user video of a Microsoft Kinect user scanning the ground floor of their house using SCENECT software.


Laserscan solution developed by foresters for foresters

Treemetrics is a technology company founded by foresters. They committed themselves to developing an innovative solution to cut trees as efficiently as possible.

“As foresters we understand the problems of the forest industry”, says Enda Keane, CEO of Treemetrics.

With the Laser Scanner Focus 3D Treemetrics has developed a unique way to measure forests. Have a look!!


Architects’ 3D piece of mind

Below video about laserscanning provides footage on how the laser scanner can capture 3D coordinates that result in a 3-dimensional impression of its surroundings.

Furthermore, the video features architects Silke Oldenhage and Johannes Rechenbach, who offer scan services with the Laser Scanner Focus 3D.

Rechenbach comments that: “as a result of the innovative possibilities of 3D laserscanning, the market is expected to grow enormously in the future”.


Assembly and inspection under the implacable eye of the laser tracker

Duqueine manufacturing partner in ALMA project building the largest radio telescopeIn many industries such as aerospace, automotive, and heavy equipment manufacturing, inspection and assembly of large parts is a common requirement. Consistent and accurate measurements are thus a necessity.

This is where large volume metrology tools such a laser trackers come in! This works as follows:

A laser tracker sends a laser beam to a mirrored probe which functions as a target. The refelected beam returns to the tracker and its precise distance is recorded.

Below video will show in more detail how two angle encoders measure the elevation and rotational angles and how the 3D position of the target is determined.

The video also features Duqueine, a French manufacturing partner in the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre Array) project in which they build the largest radio telescope. All assembly work was done under the implacable eye of a FARO Laser Tracker.

Discover the Laser Tracker in below video or read more about the ALMA project


Metrologic launches i-X4 Remote

X4 i-Remote is a new mobile application developed by Metrologic, which gives you the freedom to move away from your computer to measure large parts in remote areas. Metrolog X4, the universal 3D metrology software is now available with the optional i-Remote, a new application for Apple mobile devices (iPod touch and iPhone).

Communication between i-Remote and Metrolog X4 is provided through a local and secured W-LAN network. Metrolog X4 software is compatible with the FaroArm, the FARO Laser Tracker and Laser Scanner Focus3D.


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