Nuclear Safety – Remote Deployment of Laser Scanners in Contaminated Environments

Figure 1: A Point Cloud is generated by using a 3D laser scanner. In radioactive controlled environment robot mounted scanners can be driven to position.


A key safety issue in the operation of any nuclear reactor or nuclear waste management site is the control and containment of radioactive material, making risk assessment and management by means of regular inspection a vital element as much as a regulatory requirement.
By Yoldas Askan, Nuclear Future, 4/2011

Given the challenges of working in radiation controlled environments and with limited choice of non-contact, remote examination techniques available, visual inspection has so far been most widely used technique despite its limitations to the detecting of obvious flaws, requiring good eyesight and illumination, and findings are often subjective and dimensionally uninformative.

In recent years, remote deployment of laser scanners in contaminated environments has allowed acquisition of more precise survey data. By the systematic emission of millions of laser beams, a 3D Laser Scanner (e.g. FARO’s Focus3D) collates accurate measurements of distances to objects, producing a 3D model often referred to as the “Point Cloud”. [Read more …]


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