FARO TrackArm – new and improved technology for the most versatile portable 3D measurement system

FARO TrackArm – new and improved technology for the most versatile portable 3D measurement system

The FARO TrackArm is the most versatile portable 3D measurement system available. It brings together the long range and high accuracy capabilities of FARO’s Laser Tracker with the flexibility and consistency of the FaroArm.

The seamless combination of these metrology devices expands the FaroArm’s working volume, allowing it to be quickly repositioned anywhere within the Laser Tracker’s measurement range; while remaining in the same coordinate system and the same software interface. This solution is ideally suited for the automotive, aerospace and heavy machinery industries as well as for suppliers of large parts to industries such as tunnel & mining and hydro & wind power.

The TrackArm is ideally suited for the automotive, aerospace and heavy machinery industriesThe FARO TrackArm unites the FARO Laser Tracker Vantage, which has a range of up to 80m (262.5 ft), with the entire FaroArm product family – Edge, Prime or Fusion – into a long-reach, six-degree-of-freedom probe. New innovative adapters enable the integration of the Tracker and the Arm. This improved solution also eliminates the need for a synchronization cable between the units and the system can be operated wirelessly with the FaroArm’s built-in capability. CAM2 Measure 10 software provides a simple user interface to quickly switch back and forth between the two systems. Attach FARO’s Laser Line Probe to the Arm to enable extended scanning and non-contact inspection ability for reverse engineering, CAD-to-part analysis, and inspection purposes.

Visitors to the CONTROL trade fair (from 14 to 17 May, 2013, Stuttgart Trade Fair) can find out all about the new FARO TrackArm at the FARO Stand 3404 in Hall 3.

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FARO will be exhibiting at Railtex 2013, April 30th – 2nd May in London

International Exhibition of Railroad Equipment Systems & ServicesFARO UK invites all interested parties to Railtex, the all encompassing showcase for technological innovation across all sectors of the rail supply market.

FARO will be demonstrating several advanced metrology products, including the FARO Edge that boasts the lightest and smallest laser line probe and touch-screen computer for basic measurements at stand number G03. Also on display will be the FARO Gage with barcode scanner and the company’s innovative new Laser Tracker Vantage that is ideal for accurate, large volume measurements.

Date: 30th April – 2nd May 2013
Location: Earls Court 2 Exhibition Centre
Warwick Road
London SW5 9TA


Featured White Paper: an Introduction to 3D measurement technology

White Paper: An introduction to 3D measurement technology

Whether it’s small machined parts requiring precision diameters, alignment of large equipment or setting up machine tools, or even documenting entire buildings and environments, three-dimensional measurement data can help companies make more informed decisions and produce better quality products.

Read this white paper to learn more about the latest 3D measurement tools, how they work, and their common applications.

For access to other white papers on 3D measurement topics, follow this link.




High-precision Augmented Reality – metaio Engineer complements FARO measuring arms

Augmented Reality means to enrich and enhance the user’s view of the real world with additional digital information, e.g. a virtual 3D-model that originates from CAD.

This content is made visible on a monitor, a tablet PC, within the user’s field of view using a head-mounted display or projected onto the respective area. Virtual and actual realities merge in the most natural manner that is possible.

metaio Engineer is software that brings Augmented Reality to the industrial field. And it is a perfect complement to an existing measuring arm. The best of both worlds is combined: a quick and direct visualization with the precision of a measuring arm.

With the new release of metaio Engineer 5.0, an interface to support FARO measuring arms is already built-in. All necessary features are integrated by default, from calibration to functions that support your daily tasks.

Previously, in case of quality control every relevant point had to be measured to discover deviations between the CAD model and the related assembly part. metaio Engineer and Augmented Reality accelerate this process by identifying errors and selectively measuring deviations.

These are the basic steps to set up an Augmented Reality system based on e.g the FARO Edge:

1. Mount an industry camera with available adapters onto the grip of the measuring arm
2. Calibrate camera and spatial relation between camera and measuring arm
3. Determine position of the arm in relation to the subject of analysis
4. Visualize a CAD model onto the existing model, part or product
5. Compare planned vs. actual state, measurements and more features


ARGON developed best practice for measuring corrosion on gas pipelines

ARGON 3D Measurement Services measures corrosion on gas pipelinesThe use of 3D scanning for quantification of external corrosion on pipelines provides an opportunity to move away from manual, time-consuming and operator-dependent techniques.

Challenges of the past, such as the complexity of the scan and the uncertainty about the reliability of scan data have now been overcome.

Recent developments in this field have led to improvements in both hardware and software:

1. The scanning technology is more compact and easier to use

2. Scanning can take place in open air – there is no influence of ambient light

3. Partly by ARGON‘s own development of analysis software, the total process of uncertainty is known for each type of pipeline and each form of corrosion.

ARGON Measurement Services converts 3D scanning since 2005. They did more than 400 corrosion scans, and they offer this service for several years in Western Europe. “The benefits speak for themselves”:

• Faster and safer: 3D scanning is the fastest way to a full surface mapping and thanks to the high-resolution scan, there is a lower risk that certain corrosion-points are skipped.

• More precisely: the overall process accuracy is between 0.05 and 0.3 mm, depending on the size and the pattern of corrosion. This is better than what can be achieved with manual measurement methods, especially with complex patterns of corrosion.

• Economic: with this method fewer expensive replacements of pipelines have been needed. In addition, during the inspection, no pressure reduction is needed, meaning the gas lines can continue to operate normally.

The quality and reliability of the FARO ScanArm has from the beginning contributed to the success of this service ARGON. Below are some practical images.

Measuring corrosion on gas pipelines with the FARO Edge ScanArmThe FARO ScanArm in use by ARGON to measure corrosion on gas pipelines


FARO at Southern Manufacturing Show, 13 – 14 February 2013

FARO at Southern Manufacturing Show on 13th- 14th February 2013 FARO will participate at the Southern Manufacturing Show in Farnborough, which will take place from 13-14 February 2013.

At this exhibition – the largest regional manufacturing technology in the UK – you have the chance to see the latest 3D measurement equipment such as FARO’s new Laser Tracker Vantage.

Come and visit us at E70. We are looking forward to welcome you!

The FARO UK Team

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FARO at Autosport International in Birmingham, January 10th – 13th

FARO UK invites you to Autosport International which truly brings together the world of motorsport under one roof!

The event takes place in Birmingham from 10th till 13th January 2013. We will present our cutting-edge metrology products such the FARO Edge with the lightest and smallest laser line probe and touchscreen computer for basic measurements, and the measurement software CAM2 Measure10.

This year Good Fabs will be present on our stand as our official partner for the show. The company is specialized in bend tooling and supply high quality mandrel bent tube to race teams and other fabrication shops.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!
The FARO UK Team


Exclusive user stories from the world of speed and mobility

FARO News Magazine about measuring systems for quality assurance and production processes

The new edition of FARO’s client magazine is now available for download!

From sailing competitions to supercars and from freight car production to tunnel mouldings, you will find out how our measuring systems are used in practice.

Moreover in this edition, two new software packages that boost speed and productivity: CAM2 Measure 10 and CAM2 GAGE 2.2.

Download FARO’s client magazine


FaroArm Prime – the flexible and accurate solution on the market

Find out all about the latest FaroArm Prime. The FaroArm Prime – FARO’s most accurate Arm available with an accuracy of 0.019 mm – is Bluetooth® equipped, eliminating the need to tether the device to a laptop.

An extended-use battery and composite material construction ensure shop floor durability.

The Prime is compatible with FARO’s CAM2 Measure 10 software and third party software solutions.

Further information:


FARO launches the FARO Edge: discover more at the Control!

With its built-in touchscreen and on-board operating system, the Edge revolutionizes portable metrology by providing stand-alone basic measurement capability.  A laptop is no longer needed to perform quick and simple dimensional checks, or to optimize system performance with it’s on board diagnostic routines.

Additional areas of improvement and capability include:

>> Enhanced Connectivity – Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, and Ethernet ready.  Multiple device management through networking.
>> Smart Sensor Technology – Improved sensors warn against excessive external loads, correct for thermal variations, and detect possible setup problems.
>> Ergonomics – Improved weight distribution and balance for reduced strain and ease-of-use. Patented internal counterbalancing providing comfortable, stress-free use.
>> Multi-Function Handle Port – Seamless and interchangeable accessory integration. Quick-change handle. Expandable capability.

Discover more about the brand new FARO Edge at the Control Fair in Stuttgart! Visit us at our stand #3404, hall 3 from 3rd to 6th May!

More about the new FARO Edge at


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