Aligning a particle accelerator with maximum precision in 3D at ESS Bilbao

FARO Laser Tracker integrated into the ESS Bilbao particle accelerator ESS Bilbao is a technical scientific facility facing the challenge of constructing the first high-intensity linear accelerator in Spain.

At ESS Bilbao, laser tracker technology is integrated into the entire accelerator system to measure the components and mechanical parts of the accelerator and to align all of its sections.

Carlos Martínez de Marigorta explains: “with regard to applications in the area of generated neutrons, the ones that stand out are laboratories that work with neutron ‘scattering’ (which would be used by the scientific and industrial community) and neutron time of flight. The FARO Laser Tracker is an essential system in any accelerator in order to be able to align its components.”

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Tighter tolerances for tunnel longevity at French mould specialist CBE

Tighter tolerances for tunnel longevityAdvances in tunnel technology are increasing the viability of tunnel projects to solve infrastructural challenges all over the world: from reducing congestion in megacities to opening access to remote valleys.

The CBE Group is a leader in the field of concrete segment moulds. “We know how to integrate the production of the precast segments into the overall tunnel boring process so that work can proceed smoothly and without complications,” says CBE’s CEO Pascal Clerc.

“Any inaccuracies in the geometry or dimensions of the segment will lead to delays or problems during the tunnel construction phase or issues of reliability during the tunnel lifetime. For example, if the segment surfaces don’t match precisely, stress cracks may result. Also you might have problems with water leakage between segments. That is why we make moulds that are accurate to +/- 0.3 mm. This level of accuracy sets us apart in the market.”

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The America’s Cup has entered an era of unprecedented speed, thrills and action..

The America's Cup has entered an era of unprecedented speed, thrills and actionArtemis Racing, the Challenger of Record for the 34th America’s Cup representing the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, chose a FARO Laser Tracker to optimise their wing design.

The America’s Cup has entered an era of unprecedented speed, thrills and action with a completely new format and the AC45s and AC72s.

The AC45s (45 ft. / 13.5m long) with 20m wings the size of a tennis court are re the development platform and compete in the America’s Cup World Series, the pre-cursors to teams ramp up to the AC72 (72 ft. / 22m long) for the Louis Vuitton Cup (the Challenger Selection Series) which precedes the 34th America’s Cup which will take place in San Francisco in September 2013.

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Webinar: SpatialAnalyzer, a software for every application and every instrument, 8th March

FARO webinar - SpatialAnalyzer

FARO webinar - SpatialAnalyzer

On March 8th you will have the chance to see the latest in SpatialAnalyzer’s metrology solutions for every application. It offers the simple tools for the everyday jobs and in depth suite of capabilities you need to tackle the tough jobs. It interfaces to every FARO instrument simultaneously and makes it easy to get the results you need quickly. The depth of the SA architecture and graphics provides the traceability needed to validate the results under the most rigorous tests.

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Quality on Tour 2010 – How portable measurement systems improve quality control

FARO is organising a European series of seminars called ‘Quality on Tour’ this autumn. The aim is to educate the participants on quality control topics. The seminars are carried out in conjunction with universities and measurement experts.

The seminar Quality on Tour consists of two days and features the topics ‘Portable measurement technology, articulated arm Coordinate Measuring Machines and laser scanners’ as well as ‘Measuring large volumes and laser trackers’. During the mornings participants will hear theoretical introductions to measurement systems, how they work and where they can be employed. In the afternoons participants will have the opportunity to test and deepen their newly gained knowledge in workshops.

The Quality on Tour seminars are taking place in October and November in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and Italy. The UK event will take place on 16th and 17th November at Warwick University in Coventry.

More information can be found on http://www.qualityontour.com/.


Objective – Leadership in Innovation

FARO has successfully combined three tried-and-tested measuring systems in the Track ScanArm. The mobile measuring system is particularly impressive in the measurement of entire vehicles, not least as a result of its efficiency.

The BMW Group relies on the latest, state-of-the-art technologies, in particular in development and production. In this context, the Track ScanArm from FARO, which is used at the plants in Dingolfing and Regensburg (both in Germany), represents an equally clever and mobile measuring system in Geometric Integration measuring technology.

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Webinar: Efficient CAD to Part Measurement with CAM2 Q, 21st September

We invite you to join our webinar: “Efficient CAD to Part Measurement with CAM2 Q” on Tuesday, 21st September at 02:00PM (GMT).

The webinar will consist of a live demonstration of CAM2 Q showing its efficiency in the measurement of parts against a CAD model. The live demonstration will focus on the following elements of the measurement process:

• Importing / viewing of CAD files
• Performing a CAD to part alignment
• Measuring prismatic features
• Measuring points on CAD surfaces
• Performing part dimensioning
• Building a report

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Software Tips & Tricks: Investigating large measurement volumes simply and accurately with PolyWorks and the FaroArm

It is sometimes necessary to carry out measurements from several positions in order to check larger components. The measuring software used for this task faces the challenge of greater measuring errors. For example, in what is known as the leap-frog process, measuring error accumulates with every repositioning of the digitising system. PolyWorks offers an excellent solution through its flexible device position management in combination with the FaroArm. Using algorithms for bundle adjustment, the errors arising in the leap-frog process are evenly distributed across the individual positions.

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Laser Trackers in Aerospace Tooling

Laser trackers give aircraft builders the ability to manage the entire manufacturing process – from design to final dimensional checking.

Due to its enormous range, precision, and speed the laser tracker enables users to be more cost competitive by shifting the whole process of design and development into the virtual realm.

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Shaping the future of energy

Wind energy is an important beacon of hope for everyone interested in a cleaner and more sustainable energy supply. Today’s wind turbines have capacities of up to 5 MW thanks to rotor blades that can be over 50 metres long and weigh up to 18 tonnes. In this fast-changing environment where design refinements are introduced almost daily, only one rule is infallible: greater accuracy means greater efficiency.

Skykon is a recognised player in the rapidly growing global wind energy sector  for the production   of plugs and moulds for wind turbine rotors. Today every second CNC-milled master plug being made for the wind industry is a Skykon product. Behind this remarkable success story was Skykon’s pioneering involvement in large-scale CNC-milling. Having worked closely with the manufacturer on the development of the world’s largest and most precise 5-axis CNC-milling machine, Skykon gained a head start and overtook many companies that have been building blades for much longer.

“Skykon was founded because we saw the future of the industry and set out to meet the anticipated need” says Sales Director Michael Andersen. “As pioneers we are always trying to keep one step ahead and that is why we chose the Faro Laser Tracker Xi for our quality control and alignment processes.”

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