FARO congratulates the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team on their Germany Grand Prix win!

Source: http://www.mclaren.com

Source: http://www.mclaren.com

FARO congratulates Vodafone McLaren Mercedes for winning the 2011 Germany Grand Prix.
FARO is an ‘Official Supplier’ for measuring systems and a member of McLaren’s World Class Partner Group. FARO supplies state-of-the-art products and services to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, including measuring systems like several FaroArms units, the personal CMM FARO Gage and the FARO Laser Line Probe for non-contact measurement and software like FARO CAM2 Q. Using this equipment Vodafone McLaren Mercedes enhances their current race car as well as develops their vehicle for the next racing season. McLaren – a brand at the very pinnacle of Formula One – have used FARO technology for nearly ten years and there are multiple applications for them in the Formula One sector.


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