Laser Trackers: Precision from the Start

Bischoff + Scheck, a well-known name in motor sport, specialises in building special-purpose vehicles.
Founded in 1997, Bischoff + Scheck is now the biggest name in tailormade transporters for racing teams, mobile medical labs, and off-road vehicles for exhibitions.

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In 2007, when given the opportunity to work with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Bischoff + Scheck jumped at the chance…and who wouldn’t? With Vodafone McLaren Mercedes individual needs in mind, Bischoff + Scheck designed and built a 3-storey building which could be fully dismantled for transportation and re-assembled in 2 days, making it ideal for being set up by the racetrack.

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“Pushing the technology boundaries” – The latest case study of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes now available!

Pushing the technology boundaries with Vodafone McLarenVodafone McLaren Mercedes had already been a FARO customer for nearly 10 years before the partnership began in May 2010. FARO is now the McLaren Group’s Official Supplier of measuring systems, which includes the FARO Edge Arm, the FARO Gage and the Laser Line Probe for non-contact measurement, and software such as CAM2 Measure 10, now including point cloud capability.

“Here at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, we’re always pushing the boundaries. We’re justifiably proud of the speed and efficiency of our existing manufacturing and assembly procedures, but FARO’s contribution will not only allow us to increase the speed of those processes, but also improve fidelity and accuracy.” McLaren Racing Head of Quality, Alex Smith.

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FARO congratulates the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team on their Germany Grand Prix win!



FARO congratulates Vodafone McLaren Mercedes for winning the 2011 Germany Grand Prix.
FARO is an ‘Official Supplier’ for measuring systems and a member of McLaren’s World Class Partner Group. FARO supplies state-of-the-art products and services to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, including measuring systems like several FaroArms units, the personal CMM FARO Gage and the FARO Laser Line Probe for non-contact measurement and software like FARO CAM2 Q. Using this equipment Vodafone McLaren Mercedes enhances their current race car as well as develops their vehicle for the next racing season. McLaren – a brand at the very pinnacle of Formula One – have used FARO technology for nearly ten years and there are multiple applications for them in the Formula One sector.


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