FARO Reality Training Results – ARAS 360

Check out the new video from one of our 3D Documentation Engineers Si Horton!

The above video covers areas such as:

  • Steering & Suspension
  • Crash scene Analysis
  • Bullet Trajectories
  • Damage Analysis and much more….

Want to find out more about FARO‘s recent acquisition of ARAS 360 then click here.


10 Benefits of Using Laser Scanning in Forensics

The use of laser scanning in the accident reconstruction and law enforcement communities is constantly gaining more and more respect. With hardware and software having improved greatly over the past few years, capturing great detail in a quick and simple manner has been made extremely easy.

Here are 10, of many, reasons why utilizing laser scanners for forensic applications is the right choice.

1. Ease of use: The operation of a laser scanner has become much easier with the inclusion of a simpler interface, making operating the scanner less like a complicated piece of survey equipment.

[


Seen on the Web | Coming to a Crime Scene Near You: 3D Cameras

As the body of a young man shot to death lay on Shuter Street, forensic tech Gary Schofield re-positioned a strange, two-headed device on a tripod all around the body.

The machine is a state-of-the-art laser scanner purchased by Toronto police to create 3D maps. All of the images will later be digitally stitched together.

Over the last several years, Toronto police forensic techs have been testing Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) devices. Now, with the purchase of the $100,000 device, the police service is on the cutting edge.

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