Video: Full Webinar for Scene 5.3 and Webshare Cloud

Missed the FARO Scene 5.3 webinar? Watch the recorded version of the launch webinar of FARO Scene 5.3 and Webshare Cloud now!

Oliver Bürkler, Senior Product Manager at FARO takes us through the latest and greatest features of the recently launched Laser Scanner software.


Laser Scanning The World’s Largest Fossil Oyster Reef


About 16,500,000 years ago giant oysters, sea-cows and sharks thrived along the coast of the Parathethys Sea. The deposits of which are currently exposed in the ‘Korneuburg Basin’ in Austria, not far from Vienna. And this worldwide and unique fossil site contains over 650 animal and plant species from a long gone ecosystem.

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Video: New Cloud-to-Cloud Feature with Scene 5.3

A new feature of FARO Scene 5.3 is Cloud-to-Cloud registration, which opens up new opportunities for users to position their scans quickly and accurately, even under difficult conditions.

Si Horton, 3D Documentation Engineer at FARO, talks us through how to use this brand new feature.


FARO Announces CAD Zone Acquisition!

FARO is the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realisation technology and we are committed to furthering our offering in the law enforcement market.

In order to meet the needs of this market and provide a compelling integrated 3D documentation solution, FARO has acquired CAD Zone, Inc., a leading software provider in the law enforcement, accident and crime scene reconstruction market.

CAD Zone

FARO laser scanning technology will be integrated with CAD Zone’s point cloud software application, in order to provide turnkey solutions for forensic applications and create the right 3D documentation solution.

CAD Zone_2


Video: New CAD Overview Feature with Scene 5.3

Si Horton, 3D Documentation Engineer at FARO, talks us through the new CAD Overview feature of the recently launched FARO Scene 5.3 software.

The new software, specifically designed for the FARO Focus3D, comes with a host of brand new features and enables you to scan data more easily and efficiently.


The World’s Largest Sub-Sea Road Tunnel.

In Norway’s fourth largest city Stavanger the site for the world’s longest sub-sea road tunnel is situated, named the Ryfast tunnel project. The project consists of three tunnels and aims to establish a permanent road link between Ryfylke and Jaeren and hopes also to tackle the traffic problems through the northern parts of the city centre.

The Solbakk tunnel is the main tunnel being constructed with a total length of 14km and construction began in August 2013. The two headings being excavated by drill and blast will reach a maximum depth of 290m below sea level (Statens Vegvesen, 2013).

FARO Focus3D 4FARO Focus3D 3

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Vivienne Westwood and ScanLab: The First Ever Laser Scanned Photo-shoot

Architecture, law-enforcement, petrochemical plants and even Felix Baumgartner’s “jump from space”, Laser Scanning has been applied in a variety of ways. And now the first ever laser scanned photo-shoot has been documented.

Vivienne Westwood and London studio ScanLab have teamed up to produce the laser scan of the photo-shoot, with ScanLab able to produce a high resolution point cloud of data of the set. The photo-shoot took place over one day and produced some very interesting results.

Click here to see the original article and video by Marcus Fairs! (June 26th, 2014)


FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D on French TV

Claude Guéant, French Interior Minister, visited the Institute for Criminal Research, to experience more about the latest technologies in crime scene analysis. There he took the chance to learn all about the Laser Scanner Focus3D. With this device investigators solve 20 to 30 crime scenes per year. Crime scenes are documented by laser scanning in 3D in a very short time without affecting the environment. Blood stains or bullet trajectories can then be analyzed in detail.

A particularly curious case was recently resolved thanks to the Focus3D. While only two bullets were shot, three dead bodies were found. The 3D scan of the scene helped to reconstruct the bullet trajectory and showed that a bullet bounced off a wall and then fatally hit the third person.


FARO Focus3D awarded with the “Innovation Prize for Architecture and Construction”

At the exhibition DEUBAU 2012 the architecture magazines AIT and xia Intelligente Architektur (Intelligent Architecture) announced the tenth winner of the “Innovation Prize for Architecture and Construction”. A total of 18 different manufacturers competed with 21 products. This important award emphasises the significance of architecture in the construction industry.

This year the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D was awarded the coveted innovation prize in the “Product of High Architectural Quality” category. A jury of well-known architects and engineers awarded this prestige architecture and design prize.

The Focus3D particularly impressed the jury with its innovative design and its technical performance. Moreover, the jury judged that the increasing need for 3D data was an indicator for the importance of this product. This means that time-consuming work such as measuring or area and quantity surveying can be significantly shortened very easily with the aid of modern laser scanners – thoroughly, quickly and cost-effectively.

With its high degree of precision, the device is able to assist construction managers, structural construction companies and the tradesmen carrying out the work with quality assurance at the building site: for example in the construction of façades, in checking the precise fit of assembled elements, in checking formwork elements in concrete structures, in positioning structurally sensitive supports and in numerous other applications.


FARO FOCUS3D named as a best new innovation by popular science magazine

popular science logoThe 2011 “Best of What’s New” list includes the laser scanner for its small size and use in forensic applications.

We are happy to announce that the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D has been honoured with a Best of What’s New award by the Popular Science magazine. Each year, new products from almost every corner of industry – from consumer electronics to green technologies – are submitted to the publication’s editors for consideration. This year, FARO’s Focus3D has been named to that list of innovations.

“We’re thrilled that the Focus3D has been named to the Best of What’s New list, particularly when we consider the number of entries vying for the award,” said Jay Freeland, CEO of FARO Technologies. “FARO is constantly working to produce the most advanced products to improve our customers’ products and processes. In that respect, this is great recognition for us and them.” The laser scanner was considered for its use in forensic investigations, particularly by small police departments that might not otherwise be able to afford the technology. Its small size, robust functionality and ease-of-use make it the ideal solution for many applications in addition to forensics, including architecture, civil engineering and surveying.

Once again congratulations to the whole FARO Laser Scanner Team!


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