Share your best Focus3D picture and win tickets to Strasbourg!

Share your best Focus3D picture!

Do you have pictures of the Laser Scanner Focus3D in a unique application, an exceptional situation, or an exotic location?

Post your picture on FARO’s timeline and maybe you will be one of the winners in this contest!

FARO organises a contest for all Focus3D users to share their best Focus3D picture. The very best images will be awarded with free tickets to FARO’s 3D Documentation User Meeting!

We welcome images from every industry and application, ranging from crime scene investigation, architecture, heritage, agriculture and forestry, mining and tunnel construction, factory design, quality control, and more.

A jury will select the best images. Enter now and win a free entry ticket to the FARO 3D Documentation User Meeting in Strasbourg on 13 and 14 June 2013!



User video of the FARO Laser Scanner with Autodesk’s Factory Design Suite

Autodesk and FARO work closely together in providing solutions for 3D-scanning and design. Users can for example directly import 3D point clouds in the Autodesk software to further process these data.

Below video shows the use of a FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D in combination with Autodesk’s Factory Design Suite at Feige Filling, a company specialised in filling technology for liquid and pasty products in drums, cans, hobbocks, pails, bags or IBC.

Autodesk Factory Design Suite provides industrial designers the tools needed to create 2D-and 3D-models of industrial buildings.

It allows designers of industrial enterprises more effectively create and display circuit configuration of the equipment.


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