Brilliant scanning at 330 metres in direct sunlight!

Meet the new FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330In our previous blog post we promised a spectacular novelty and actually, we have more than one to share with you.

At the INTERGEO fair in Essen (GE) FARO presents today the new Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330. A scanner that not only scans objects up to 330 meters away but in direct sunlight too.

With its integrated GPS receiver, the Focus3D X 330 is able to correlate individual scans in post-processing making it ideal for surveying based applications.

As always, the 3D scan data can easily be imported into all commonly used software solutions for accident reconstruction, architecture, civil engineering, construction, forensics, industrial manufacturing and land surveying.

FARO also introduces a cloud-based hosting solution for worldwide data-sharing: SCENE Webshare Cloud.

FARO also introduces a cloud-based hosting solution for worldwide data-sharing: SCENE Webshare Cloud

The SCENE WebShare Cloud solution is a service directly hosted by FARO that allows users to store 3D documentation data on the “cloud.” Scanned projects can be quickly viewed and shared with different project partners.

It is no longer necessary to install software on your own computer. SCENE WebShare Cloud guarantees quality and security and the system supports mobile devices with an adapted user interface.

Power Speeches
At our booth B3.005 (Hall 3) you can attend so-called Power Speeches on the following topics:

• The new FARO Focus3D X 330: scanning at 330 metres in direct sunlight
• SCENE Webshare Cloud: Sharing without limits
• Versailles Scanning with the Focus3D
• Airborne Focus3D live!

We look forward to welcoming you!


Secure your free INTERGEO admission ticket to see spectacular novelty

Visit Intergeo and FARO at Booth B3.005The world’s largest event for geodesy, geoinformation and surveying will open its doors again one week from now, Tuesday 8 October 2013. The INTERGEO trade fair and conference cover all the key trends: from collecting geo-based information onto processing and integrated applications.

FARO will present a spectacular novelty. Be there at the world premiere and discover the latest technologies and industry-specific software solutions in the field of portable 3D measurement technology at our booth.

Secure your complementary admission ticket

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When: 08 – 10 October 2013

Where: Essen Exhibition Centre, Hall 3 – Stand B3.005


FARO @INTERGEO 2013 – Get your free ticket

Visit FARO at INTERGEO 2013 - get your free ticketWe invite you to visit us at INTERGEO 2013 which will take place 8-10 October 2013 in Essen, Germany.

Visit our booth B3.005 in Hall 3 and discover what’s new in the world of laser scanning at FARO:

• Watch an astonishing 3D movie,
• Listen to Power Speeches in German or English, and
• See for yourself how the Flying Focus takes off.

And there’s more, which we will reveal at our booth. You will not be disappointed!

Click here to get your free ticket.

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Ralf Drews at Control: “Optimally prepare customers for complex requirements”

Ralf Drews Managing Director at FARO EuropeIt was again exciting at Control, the international trade fair for quality assurance in Stuttgart. Diverse technology, international exhibitors and countless suggestions made a visit to the show worthwhile. This was also the right place and time for Ralf Drews to introduce himself to the wider public. Since the beginning of 2013 he is Managing Director of FARO Europe.

FARO’s credo seen throughout all product lines: measuring systems can be user-friendly. Even if the complexity increases – the technology must always be easy to use. In maintaining this goal in constant view, regarding portable measurement systems, Drews sets the customer’s requirements first.

The latest solution that could be seen at Control is the so-called FARO TrackArm. It expands the measurement volume of the FARO ScanArm by combining it with the FARO Laser Tracker Vantage in one coordinate system. Innovative adapters provide a wireless connection between the two measurement systems. The extremely flexible portable arm reaches almost every hidden corner of components and in combination with the laser tracker it has an enormous range of up to 80 meters. The ScanArm can often be repositioned as desired during measurements. Re-calibration is not necessary: a significant alleviation in practice.

Also, the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D Drews sees as a perfect example of this idea: “With its ease of use and flexibility, the Focus3D embodies our strategy. The leap in mobility and quality with the Focus3D launch two years ago, was a revolution in the market. The scanner has a built-in color camera, increased accuracy and reduced noise and is also radically smaller, lighter, easier to use and much more cost-effective than other solutions on the market.” Especially in 3D applications, that can realize the ‘unbelievable’, the Managing Director sees large potential.

Ralf Drews will also be present on the first day of the FARO 3D Documentation User Meeting on 13th and 14th June, held in Strasbourg.


Control fair in Stuttgart: the FARO Team

Group photo FARO team at ControlMeet the FARO team at booth 3404 in hall 3 for a coffee and entertainment. Get your picture taken on the FARO Chopper that was flown in from the States especially for the Control fair. Explore the new and improved TrackArm, that unites the long range Laser Tracker with the flexibility of the FaroArm into a long-reach, six-degree-of-freedom probe. Also discover the brand new CAM2 SmartInspect software for non-CAD measurements and the renewed CAM2 Measure 10 software.

Visitors to the CONTROL trade fair (from 14 to 17 May, 2013, Stuttgart Trade Fair) can find out all about the new FARO TrackArm at the FARO Stand 3404 in Hall 3.


FARO TrackArm – new and improved technology for the most versatile portable 3D measurement system

FARO TrackArm – new and improved technology for the most versatile portable 3D measurement system

The FARO TrackArm is the most versatile portable 3D measurement system available. It brings together the long range and high accuracy capabilities of FARO’s Laser Tracker with the flexibility and consistency of the FaroArm.

The seamless combination of these metrology devices expands the FaroArm’s working volume, allowing it to be quickly repositioned anywhere within the Laser Tracker’s measurement range; while remaining in the same coordinate system and the same software interface. This solution is ideally suited for the automotive, aerospace and heavy machinery industries as well as for suppliers of large parts to industries such as tunnel & mining and hydro & wind power.

The TrackArm is ideally suited for the automotive, aerospace and heavy machinery industriesThe FARO TrackArm unites the FARO Laser Tracker Vantage, which has a range of up to 80m (262.5 ft), with the entire FaroArm product family – Edge, Prime or Fusion – into a long-reach, six-degree-of-freedom probe. New innovative adapters enable the integration of the Tracker and the Arm. This improved solution also eliminates the need for a synchronization cable between the units and the system can be operated wirelessly with the FaroArm’s built-in capability. CAM2 Measure 10 software provides a simple user interface to quickly switch back and forth between the two systems. Attach FARO’s Laser Line Probe to the Arm to enable extended scanning and non-contact inspection ability for reverse engineering, CAD-to-part analysis, and inspection purposes.

Visitors to the CONTROL trade fair (from 14 to 17 May, 2013, Stuttgart Trade Fair) can find out all about the new FARO TrackArm at the FARO Stand 3404 in Hall 3.

>>More on FARO’s TrackArm



FARO Chopper at Control FairCONTROL, the major European exhibition dedicated to metrology, opened its doors this morning in Stuttgart, Germany. Every day, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the latest trends in quality control and attend events organized by the exhibitors.

See the photos of FARO’s chopper designed by Paul Jr. Designs, of the televisionshow American Chopper on our Facebook Page. Visitors at the FARO stand have the opportunity to be photographed on the powerful machine that was created exclusively for FARO’s 30th anniversary.

As with most custom choppers created by Paul Jr. Designs, the FaroArm was used to manufacture the birthday bike. It is important for PJD to be able to create unique pieces with speed and efficiency. Some elements, including the fuel tank, the seat pan and the cover of the primary belt give a glimpse of the real talent that goes into the design of each piece. All these elements have complex shapes and contours difficult to understand or replicate by hand.

The FaroArm scans the exact shape and location of the parts. The design and creation of cardboard templates are thus basically useless. The data collected by the arm can immediately be imported to a CNC machine or waterjet cutting tool to produce parts with high precision in perfect shape from the very start. The FaroArm therefore reduces waste, saves time and increases overall efficiency.

For more photos of the FARO Chopper visit our Facebook Page or come and visit us at Control and get your photo taken!

Stuttgart Trade Fair, 14-17 May 2013
Booth 3404 in Hall 3


FARO will be exhibiting at Railtex 2013, April 30th – 2nd May in London

International Exhibition of Railroad Equipment Systems & ServicesFARO UK invites all interested parties to Railtex, the all encompassing showcase for technological innovation across all sectors of the rail supply market.

FARO will be demonstrating several advanced metrology products, including the FARO Edge that boasts the lightest and smallest laser line probe and touch-screen computer for basic measurements at stand number G03. Also on display will be the FARO Gage with barcode scanner and the company’s innovative new Laser Tracker Vantage that is ideal for accurate, large volume measurements.

Date: 30th April – 2nd May 2013
Location: Earls Court 2 Exhibition Centre
Warwick Road
London SW5 9TA


FARO at Forensics Europe Expo in London

Forensics Europe Expo has been designed as the premier international forum for sourcing forensics products, equipment and services, and provide the definitive source of education, best practice, training and networking for the entire forensics sector and supply chain.

Ideal for many forensic situations, FARO will be demonstrating the advanced capabilities of the company’s Focus Laser Scanner 3D. The revolutionary 3D measurement and 3D image documentation scanner is ideal for high-speed, accurate data capture. Focus Laser Scanner 3D’s accompanying Software, SCENE is able to process and manage scanned data easily and efficiently by using automatic object recognition in addition to scan registration and positioning.

Date: 24 – 25 April 2013
Location: The Grand Hall, Olympia West Kensington, London

Further information: uk@faroeurope.com


FARO Measuring the Success of Southern Manufacturing

Faro Measuring the Success of Southern Manufacturing

Faro Measuring the Success of Southern Manufacturing

The interest shown in FARO’s new Laser Tracker and the many sales leads generated for both new and established products ensured a very successful Southern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibition for FARO UK.

UK Sales Manager, Andrew Tagg reported: “Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2013 was a tremendous success for Faro UK, not only were sales enquiries up by an impressive 75% on the 2012 exhibition, the overall quality of the leads generated was also better. As our advanced new Laser Tracker Vantage is an extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machine that enables users to build products, optimise processes, and deliver solutions, it created excellent levels of interest on our stand.”

More on the laser tracker


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