Nuclear Safety – Remote Deployment of Laser Scanners in Contaminated Environments

Figure 1: A Point Cloud is generated by using a 3D laser scanner. In radioactive controlled environment robot mounted scanners can be driven to position.


A key safety issue in the operation of any nuclear reactor or nuclear waste management site is the control and containment of radioactive material, making risk assessment and management by means of regular inspection a vital element as much as a regulatory requirement.
By Yoldas Askan, Nuclear Future, 4/2011

Given the challenges of working in radiation controlled environments and with limited choice of non-contact, remote examination techniques available, visual inspection has so far been most widely used technique despite its limitations to the detecting of obvious flaws, requiring good eyesight and illumination, and findings are often subjective and dimensionally uninformative.

In recent years, remote deployment of laser scanners in contaminated environments has allowed acquisition of more precise survey data. By the systematic emission of millions of laser beams, a 3D Laser Scanner (e.g. FARO’s Focus3D) collates accurate measurements of distances to objects, producing a 3D model often referred to as the “Point Cloud”. [Read more …]


Webinar: SpatialAnalyzer, a software for every application and every instrument, 8th March

FARO webinar - SpatialAnalyzer

FARO webinar - SpatialAnalyzer

On March 8th you will have the chance to see the latest in SpatialAnalyzer’s metrology solutions for every application. It offers the simple tools for the everyday jobs and in depth suite of capabilities you need to tackle the tough jobs. It interfaces to every FARO instrument simultaneously and makes it easy to get the results you need quickly. The depth of the SA architecture and graphics provides the traceability needed to validate the results under the most rigorous tests.

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Shaping the future of energy

Wind energy is an important beacon of hope for everyone interested in a cleaner and more sustainable energy supply. Today’s wind turbines have capacities of up to 5 MW thanks to rotor blades that can be over 50 metres long and weigh up to 18 tonnes. In this fast-changing environment where design refinements are introduced almost daily, only one rule is infallible: greater accuracy means greater efficiency.

Skykon is a recognised player in the rapidly growing global wind energy sector  for the production   of plugs and moulds for wind turbine rotors. Today every second CNC-milled master plug being made for the wind industry is a Skykon product. Behind this remarkable success story was Skykon’s pioneering involvement in large-scale CNC-milling. Having worked closely with the manufacturer on the development of the world’s largest and most precise 5-axis CNC-milling machine, Skykon gained a head start and overtook many companies that have been building blades for much longer.

“Skykon was founded because we saw the future of the industry and set out to meet the anticipated need” says Sales Director Michael Andersen. “As pioneers we are always trying to keep one step ahead and that is why we chose the Faro Laser Tracker Xi for our quality control and alignment processes.”

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Seen on TV | FARO featured on Discovery Channel

Wind power on the Discovery Channel

Shades of Green, featured on the Discovery Channel, focuses on wind power and the key players involved in the industry, including FARO. Go behind the scenes to learn about numerous steps involved in building a wind turbine and how companies involved are making the world a ‘greener’ place.

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Application Case | FARO helps E.ON achieve 75% time savings

At E.ON UK’s power engineering services department repair and replacement of turbine blades takes place. By using FARO equipment they have made vast improvements in terms of accuracy, efficiency and measurement speed – which provides substantial benefits to the entire plant.

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