Audi: Driven for Success

Audi has become a very serious player in the International GT Open Season, with racing-related activities being carried out by their stand-alone division under the banner of ‘quattro GmbH’. With one win already this season, Audi have set their sights on building on their outstanding success last season.

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How to customise an engine bay hood for the Ferrari 458 Spider?

Capristo, specialist in exhaust systems, demonstrates how to customise carbon production for automotive parts.

In this video Capristo and FARO experts show the entire manufacturing process of an engine bay hood for the Ferrari 458 Spider.

It starts with creating a 3D picture using a 3D laser scanner which forms the basis for the development of the prototype. The scanned data are then prepared, cleaned and exported in such a way that these can be further processed using CAD-Software. Have a look what happens next…


Measurement at Mercedes-Benz

Have a look and see how Mercedes-Benz uses the FARO ScanArm to design and produce its M-Class.


Caterham F1 Team uses FARO ScanArm for wind tunnel testing

Caterham F1 Team uses FARO ScanArm for wind tunnel testsThe FARO Edge ArmScan will help Caterham F1 Team to optimise their in-house quality control.

The FARO arms will be utilised in two contexts. One will be to support wind tunnel tests by checking both the dimensions and the orientation of model parts being tested within the tunnel.

The other, perhaps more fundamental, will be to allow the team to bring in-house both the manufacturing and associated quality control of the ‘patterns’. These are machined from an epoxy material that are used as templates for making moulds from which carbon fibre components for the team’s cars are produced, as well as checking the dimensional accuracy of the moulds themselves.

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FARO at Autosport International in Birmingham, January 10th – 13th

FARO UK invites you to Autosport International which truly brings together the world of motorsport under one roof!

The event takes place in Birmingham from 10th till 13th January 2013. We will present our cutting-edge metrology products such the FARO Edge with the lightest and smallest laser line probe and touchscreen computer for basic measurements, and the measurement software CAM2 Measure10.

This year Good Fabs will be present on our stand as our official partner for the show. The company is specialized in bend tooling and supply high quality mandrel bent tube to race teams and other fabrication shops.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!
The FARO UK Team


Lewis wins the Grand Prix in Austin, Texas

Lewis wins Austin Grand PrixFARO congratulates the Vodafone McLaren team, especially Lewis Hamilton, on its phenomenal performance last Sunday at the Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, USA.

Lewis’s victory was Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ sixth grand prix win of the 2012 season and McLaren’s 12th grand prix win on United States soil.

“I’m massively proud and extremely happy. I nearly lost my voice because I was screaming so much on the in-lap – not cool at all!
“To overtake both Red Bulls in the race was the coolest thing for me. The backmarkers really came into play today – and, finally, they worked in my favour. I’ve often been caught out when I’ve been trying to get through traffic, but things finally went my way today.” Hamilton said after the race.


Chassisworks realizes a new realm of possibilities using a FARO ScanArm

Chassisworks Realizes a New Realm of Possibilities using a FARO ScanArm

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks has the largest selection of chassis and suspension parts in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Chassisworks serves performance enthusiasts and racers in the domestic muscle car, drag race, and sport truck markets.

Many of Chassisworks’ measurement projects are OEM vehicle frames and stamped sheet metal unibody structures with non-geometric surfaces and features. This makes accurate measurement extremely difficult using traditional tools.

That is where more advanced, state-of-the-art measurement solutions come in. Chassisworks upgraded to the FaroArm Platinum with the Laser Line Probe.

The mobility of the entire system easily allows for leapfrogging to capture data from a large area into a single point cloud. “We found that not only was our accuracy of measurement improved, but also the detail in the data was astounding,” said Scott Rieger, Engineering Manager at Chassisworks.

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Another victory for the McLaren Vodafone Team!

Another victory for the McLaren Vodafone TeamFARO congratulates the McLaren Vodafone team, especially Lewis Hamilton, on its phenomenal performance last Sunday at the Autodromo Nationale di Monza!

After winning his 20th grand prix Lewis Hamilton said: “Winning at Monza is one of the greatest experiences of my Formula 1 career.”

Hamilton: “Since I started in Formula 1, Monza has been one of the races I always wanted to win at – it’s such an incredible, historic circuit and all the great racing drivers have won here. To finally put my name on that list makes me feel extremely proud, but also very humble.”

For the McLaren team it was the 180th victory.

Martin Whitmarsh, Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Winning is what Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is all about.

Lewis has now closed up to second place in the drivers’ world championship, with seven grands prix still to run. It was his third victory of the season, and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ fifth. The momentum is with us, and the drivers’ world championship crown is well within Lewis’s grasp. In the constructors’ championship, too, we’re in good shape.”

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Jenson wins his 50th GP with McLaren

Jenson Button celebrates winning his 50th Grand Prix at McLaren with a fantastic drive in Belgium last weekend – a superb start to the second half of the 2012 F1 World Championship. Congratulations from FARO!

After this amazing race, Jenson Button said:

“We need to score big points in both world championships – and today was exactly what we required. I’m a massive team-player, and I fight for the team; I want us to win both world championships and, until I can’t mathematically fight for the drivers’ world championship, I won’t give up on it. I think I showed that today.”

Spa-Francorchamps, Sunday September 2

179th        victory for McLaren

75th          victory for McLaren, Mobil 1, Mercedes-Benz and Enkei

50th          race for Jenson with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

31st           victory for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

14th          victory for Jenson

4th            victory of the season for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

2nd           successive victory for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Martin Whitmarsh, Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Jenson performed quite majestically all weekend.

“In so doing, he made it look easy. But, when a driver manages a race win from pole position, leading all the way, the excellence of his performance isn’t always as obvious as when he wins it by attacking from behind. But Jenson has been super-quick all weekend, and he controlled the race with total authority, managing tyre wear masterfully all the way. It wasn’t easy, even if it looked that way, and I’m extremely proud of him, as is everyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.”

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Sigma3D counts on the new FARO Laser Tracker Vantage

FARO Laser Tracker Vantage
Sigma3D relies on FARO products – such as the LaserScanArm V3 and Laser Tracker – for mobile 3D measuring techniques.

To continue operating the most advanced devices, Sigma3D recently bought 5 FARO Laser Trackers Vantage.

The Vantage will especially be deployed to provide the highest quality insurance in industries such as, automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, and power generation.

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