Laser trackers shrink aircraft-sized manufacturing problems

Laser trackers shrink aircraft-sized manufacturing problemsBuilding aircraft has always been a struggle between the size of their components and the need to craft them carefully. More than any other device, airplanes epitomize the concept that ‘the devil is in the details’ because in small errors lies the potential for great mischief such as increased drag and decreased range.

In the past, large structures such as wings, fuselages, or vertical stabilizers were difficult to make alike because there was no good way to measure them. The traditional measuring standard for objects over 20 feet was the theodolite.Although theodolite measurements can be fairly precise, they are subject to interpretation and as such are not always reproducible.With the advent of the laser tracker, precise, rapid, reproducible measuring over great distances finally became a reality.

Although laser trackers are used to align large industrial equipment such as metal rolling mills, printing presses, and power generation equipment, one can imagine that they were created expressly for the aerospace industry. A laser tracker can be set up anywhere, in a design studio or factory, and its vast operating range is large enough to capture the wing of the biggest planes ever conceived.

For the aviation industry a laser tracker provides the greatest benefits to mechanical engineering; calibrating machine tools and process monitoring. How this is done you can read in this white paper about mechanical engineering in the aerospace industry.

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Airbus Final Assembly Line for A350 now in use

Airbus Final Assembly Line for A350 now in useThe French Prime Minister officially inaugurated the 74,000 square-metre Final Assembly Line (FAL) of the Airbus A350 XWB beginning of Oct. “At full production, the FAL will employ some 1,500 people who will build up to ten aircrafts a month as from 2018″.

The A350 XWB is slowly coming to life, with the first two aircrafts (the static aircraft and the first flyable aircraft, MSN1) at different stages of final assembly. The static aircraft has nearly completed assembly, with a full fuselage, two wings and the vertical tail plane joined – as you can see in below user video produced by Airbus.

If you’re lucky enough to visit the new assembly line, you will possibly see FARO’s Laser Trackers in action. FARO is a key supplier of laser trackers and measurement accessories for the Airbus A350 project, which are now installed in every European Airbus manufacturing facility.


Safety at high altitude: 3D measurements in the aerospace industry

Safety at high altitude: 3D measurements in the aerospace industryMecat 5 is a small but dynamic company in the heart of Piedmont which offers cutting-edge quality and technological contents in the special machine production sector.

Recently Mecat 5 manufactured special equipment for REV Aviation SpA – located in Chivasso, Torino – which Alenia uses for the construction of engine nacelles for the new Boeing 777 and 767 aircrafts.

“In addition to the production of parts, REV Aviation requires the respective dimension testing and inspection. Our need to use an adequate device derives from our client’s specific request.”, “said Isidoro Mirabella, owner of Mecat 5.

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Sigma3D counts on the new FARO Laser Tracker Vantage

FARO Laser Tracker Vantage
Sigma3D relies on FARO products – such as the LaserScanArm V3 and Laser Tracker – for mobile 3D measuring techniques.

To continue operating the most advanced devices, Sigma3D recently bought 5 FARO Laser Trackers Vantage.

The Vantage will especially be deployed to provide the highest quality insurance in industries such as, automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, and power generation.

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Aerospace infographic for the Laser Tracker Vantage

Infographic Aviation - FARO Laser Tracker Vantage application

Check out this infographic featuring the new Laser Tracker Vantage!

It shows the applications widely used in the Aerospace industry: part inspection, assembly, robot calibration and machine fixture.

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Webinar: SpatialAnalyzer, a software for every application and every instrument, 8th March

FARO webinar - SpatialAnalyzer

FARO webinar - SpatialAnalyzer

On March 8th you will have the chance to see the latest in SpatialAnalyzer’s metrology solutions for every application. It offers the simple tools for the everyday jobs and in depth suite of capabilities you need to tackle the tough jobs. It interfaces to every FARO instrument simultaneously and makes it easy to get the results you need quickly. The depth of the SA architecture and graphics provides the traceability needed to validate the results under the most rigorous tests.

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Application Case | Brinksway Tool save time and money using FARO Gage

Brinksway have employed the Gage Plus for 2 years to inspect Aircraft tooling, jigs and fixtures for major manufacturing companies around the world.

The company belonging to the Hyde Group offer a full ‘turnkey’ service utilizing the state of the art equipment they have invested in. Using the FARO Gage they were able to reduce downtime due to on-machine inspection.

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FARO UK presents solutions for quality control improvements at Aero Engineering, Birmingham

FARO will show their measurement solutions at this years Aero Engineering. Visitors can see live demonstrations of FARO’s 3D measurement devices at stand 507 from 29th to 30th September at the NEC in Birmingham.

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Brookhouse purchase FARO Gage to complement their existing suite of FARO hardware

Faro Technologies UK Ltd, the world’s leading provider of portable 3D measurement and imaging solutions, announces that Brookhouse Group have purchased a FARO Gage to complement their existing suite of FARO measuring equipment.

Managing Director Paul Atherton commented, “The ability to give confidence to our customers that we have the latest measuring capability in place to prove conformance is paramount. The FARO Gage provides us measuring capability that is highly flexible and provides operator interaction whilst delivering speedy results in defined customer formats.”

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Laser Trackers in Aerospace Tooling

Laser trackers give aircraft builders the ability to manage the entire manufacturing process – from design to final dimensional checking.

Due to its enormous range, precision, and speed the laser tracker enables users to be more cost competitive by shifting the whole process of design and development into the virtual realm.

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