FARO® Design ScanArm® 2.0 Launched!

New FARO® Design ScanArm® 2.0 released today!

  • Improving overall Product Design workflow, enabling better efficiency across the entire design process.
  • Delivers highly accurate capturing of complex geometric products, objects and prototypes.
  • The real world design output conforms now even more tightly to the final computer aided design (CAD).

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Forest of Dean scanned by the FARO Focus

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has recently used the FARO Focus Laser Scanner to investigate the impact that deer’s have created on the Forest of Dean. The scanner has allowed them to register an accurate measurement to assess the extent of the problem and create scans in 40 different locations!

To discover more, watch the documentary:



FARO Focus helps expand Trestec BV’s solution portfolio!

The FARO Focus Laser Scanner has recently helped, Trestec BV, a growing industrial service provider to improve its portfolio for its customers. Trestec required a contractor who was capable of providing a 3D laser scanner with a very accurate point cloud. Trestec’s previous positive experiences with FARO products
formed the basis for their choice.

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FARO ‘Focus’ on Precision for IPB Oil & Gas Project

FARO’s Laser Scanners have recently been used by International Partner Buro (IPB), the major European company that specialises in providing 3D laser scanning and dimensional control to the world-wide Oil & Gas industry. The FARO Focus has helped to produce complete digital documentation of processing plants, rigs and other large facilities.

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Students benefit from using ‘real-world’ FARO Edge ScanArm HD

FARO’s Edge ScanArm HD has recently been used by Furness College students to inspect and reverse engineer complex parts and surfaces into 3D models. Furness College has recently invested in a new Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center and its main aim is to help students gain the qualifications they need to be able to work in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, nuclear and biopharmaceuticals.

The logical nature of FARO’s CAM2 Measure 10 software and the simplicity of our FARO Edge ScanArm HD, has given these students the opportunity to master the system’s operation and to fully understand the results that they achieve.

To learn more read the whole story.




Augmented reality for quality assurance

Augmented reality is where reality is enhanced by computer generated information, such as providing additional information about the real world visible to the user, displaying the information using glasses, by projecting directly onto real objects using a video projector or laser projector, or by overlaying a video image with additional information, captured using a camera.

To discover more about augmented reality read the full article:


FARO wishes you all a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Its the beginning of a New Year and we have a special message from our Co-Founder, CEO and President, FARO® Technologies , Simon Raab. Learn how FARO is prepared to make digital engineering and construction more efficient with its innovative hardware and software technologies in the coming year!


The World’s first 3D printed Ship Propeller

FARO’s ScanArm has recently been used by Ramlab to create the world’s first 3D printed ship propeller.

Watch the short video here:




Treemetrics Ltd uses the FARO Focus

Treemetrics has recently used the FARO Focus Laser Scanner to enable forester owners, managers and consultants to enhance the profitability and sustainability of their forests. Watch the short video or book a web demo below:



The FARO Cobalt Array Imager

The EPSRC Future Metrology Hub has been searching for ways to develop measurement equipment on the machine, which is still independent of the manufacturing process but does not have to be manoeuvred into place. An example of such technology is the FARO Cobalt Array Imager.

Many organisations in the past would machine and form their parts using machine tools and measure regularly but randomly selected parts on a measurement machine.  However, with this method there were possibilities of inaccuracies that would greatly add to the total manufacturing time and overall to costs.

For this reason Metrology technology has been drifting towards non- contact, optical or laser systems and wanting less human interference and higher accuracy.


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