Traceable Construction in BIM Today

Back in August we presented Traceable Construction as a concept that is driving FARO’s vision for the future. Essentially, this ecosystem should interest anyone working within a BIM process as it offers huge benefits. These would include being able to trace back to any step during your workflow that you or your team has made and speed up your work time, easily adjust your work plan allowing for much greater flexibility to spot misalignments with your plan and so much more. Read more in depth about Traceable Construction on page 58 of BIM Today! 


TCT Show in Birmingham

Just in two weeks, FARO will be exhibiting at TCT Show in Birmingham! The leading design-to-manufacturing show will present you a variety of industry experts, live demonstrations and exclusive product launches! TCT Show is a perfect opportunity to see our products up close and to ask any questions from our qualified team members.  

What to expect? The TCT Conference has global speakers to offer knowledge from all over the world on the topic of 3D technologies. The TCT Introducing Stage will keep you up-to-date with the state-of-the-art across additive manufacturing and 3D printing, inspection, metrology and beyond. Enjoy this event for free!

When: 25-27th September 

Where: NEC, Birmingham 


FaroArm For The Furniture Industry

More conventional industries like the furniture industry have involved 3D scanning as a part of their processes and made them much more efficient. Furniture products go through several stages before they are brought out to shops. For instance, cutting parts is where a highly accurate calculating tool like the Faro Arm is most needed so that the exact measurement is specified in the CNC machine. Any variation in the design is also visible in the FARO SCENE software which simplifies the process of designing furniture. With our latest launch of the FARO Design ScanArm 2.5C, added colouring results will enable manufacturers to get even more effective results. 

Full blog post:  


Inspection For the Smart Factory


Metrology practitioners believe the Industry 4.0 evolution is heavily reliant on effective metrologyHaving digital representations of products and factories allow a manufacturing engineer to design and test the productivity in the digital world before losing money on a prototypeThe global measurement industry is working to define and find consensus for new international measurement standards for new manufacturing technologies.Read how FARO and Autodesk are using improved solutions in metrology. 



3D technology at the Smithsonian

Upon implementing 3D scanning with the FARO Design ScanArm and FARO Focus at The Smithsonian research facilities and documenting their collection, it has become accessible globally and available for study from millions, sometimes billions of points of measurement creating measurable scientific data. The online library lets you explore objects from the Smithsonian library in ways the visitors of the museum simply could not because of the extensive detail from the scans. 

Have a look yourself:   


Responses from The Ultimate BIM Summit

The Ultimate BIM Summit took place on the 31st January 2018 in Watford. David Southam, Faro Regional Manager EU North, commented that The Ultimate BIM Summit enables ‘to see the technology as it moves on’ for the people involved in the BIM Industry. We are happy to see an event for industry enthusiasts and players that bring knowledgeable people together. 

Listen to more responses from the event: 

Come and visit us at the next Construction exhibition – UK Construction Week 9-11th October at Stand: BT261


Ancient Invisible Cities

ScanLAB Projects has created one of the most epic projects to date. In partnership with BBC One and PBS, they have documented three ancient cities built on the shoulders of civilizations that have evolved over the course of thousands of years.  

Exploring the secret labyrinth of chambers and passages beneath the Giza Pyramids, uncovering the crystal clear waters of subterranean aqueducts that feed the irrigation system of old Athens, discovering how Istanbul has defended itself against marauding invasions and collapse of its magnificent Hagia Sophia dome, all of it can be seen from 29th of August.

Read a full story:    

Explore previous cities: 





Bespoke staircases by Müller Stiegenbau

A high level of measuring accuracy is required in order to ensure that even geometrically complex staircase designs fit perfectly into their designated space. From 2016, using the FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner measurement, this work has been significantly more efficient. 

FARO SCENE 2.0 processes the laser scans then builds a point cloud with several million 3D measurement points which can be easily shared, modified and updated. The comprehensive model of the designated space allows for accurate measurement and compatibility with Müller Stiegenbau’s own staircase construction system. In addition, only one visit to the construction site is required for measurement. Reducing the number of visits saves almost 60% of construction time for the company. An investment to a FARO Focus has allowed orders who would have been uneconomical previous to the scanner.  


Traceable Construction

Traceable Construction’ concept is the ecosystem of products and solutions that create a history of what has been measured and is then ‘traceable’ or auditable during the design, build and operate stages (depending upon when the project started). 

The focus is very much on creating a consistently structured set of verified data, building in maturity through the stages of a project. The solutions seamlessly integrate into existing customer workflows in the AEC industry. 

It is envisaged that future product developments will help stakeholders plug the reality data gaps in their projects throughout all stages. 


Introducing the FARO 8-Axis FaroArm® system and the Design ScanArm 2.5C


This month we introduced you to the FARO 8-Axis FaroArm® system that includes a complete rotational axis and is a natural extension to all FaroArm® products. Driving innovation further, our solution is transparent to the measurement software, enables more effective and faster scanning, requiring a minimum number of scans for a comprehensive scan. 

We were also very proud to announce the first arm-based solution to include high resolution, 3D colour scanning capability capturing in true-to-life richness and colour. The Design ScanArm 2.5C is also compatible with the FARO 8-Axis FaroArm® system. 

 Read more about FARO 8-Axis FaroArm®  

 Read more about Design ScanArm® 2.5C  


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