Siemens achieves extreme accuracies with the Laser Tracker ION

FARO Laser Tracker ION at Siemens Metals Technologies

Rolling mill machines can be many stories high and include components weighing hundreds of tonnes. But using FARO tools, Siemens Metals Technologies plant makers still achieve sub-millimetre levels of accuracy.

“The ION allows us to very easily measure distances to extremely high accuracies. The combination of FARO hardware and software is a great productivity boost”, states Craig Flower, design engineer at Siemens Metals Technologies.

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SCENE 5.0 – Scan Project – Upgrading Workspaces of previous versions

The second video in the video tutorials-cycle on SCENE 5.0 is about how to upgrade a scan Workspace into a new Scan Project.

This way you can utilize the new features provided in version 5.0.


Precision and speed in virtual dissection of human brain with the FaroArm

The University François Rabelais of Tours is working on the virtual dissection of human brain fibres in the context of a multidisciplinary research project.


“The precision and speed of measurement of the FaroArm Fusion were decisive in terms of the selection of the portable CMM for the scientific team, as the digital sensor is capable of scanning more than 19,000 points per second,” noted Mr Serres, doctoral researcher at the University of Tours.

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Everything you need to know about SCENE 5.0

To make you aware of all the neat functionalities in SCENE 5.0, FARO offers a cycle of video tutorials.

This first video gives you a quick overview of the most important new features of SCENE 5.0. Upcoming videos will review the various functionalities into more depth.

So stay tuned!


The Faro Arm @Keltech Engineering

Keltech Engineering is a one stop engineering facility that takes a product design from drawing through to prototyping, testing, verification and manufacture.

Check out this video which shows you how to dimensionally check parts and produce dimensional reports with the FaroArm.


RUAG Holding demonstrates Ueli Maurer the FARO ScanArm

Ueli Maurer, Member of the Swiss Federal Council, Vice President of Switzerland and Head of Department of Defense, is informing himself about the measurement of a carbon fibre structure for an Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV).

ATVs are unmanned spacecrafts designed to supply the International Space Station (ISS) with bulk liquids such as propellant, water, and air. RUAG Space is responsible for the entire structural subsystem of the Automated Transfer Vehicle Spacecraft.

Ruag Holding_Ueli Maurer

RUAG Holding demonstrates Ueli Maurer the FARO ScanArm

“Once again, I am thrilled by the technological skills and abilities of the employees,” said Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer during the visit to the facilities of RUAG Space.

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2012 Canadian Grand Prix

FARO congratulates the McLaren Vodafone team, and especially Lewis Hamilton, on its phenomenal performance in Montreal, Canada!

Lewis Hamilton wins 2012 Grand Prix Montreal

Lewis Hamilton wins 2012 Grand Prix Montreal

Lewis Hamilton who won the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix said:
“It’s a phenomenal sensation to come back to Canada and put on a performance like we did today. This win feels as good as my first Formula 1 victory back in 2007. In fact I’d say it’s one of the best races I’ve had for a very long time.”

FARO is an ‘Official Supplier’ for measuring systems and a member of McLaren’s World Class Partner Group.

More information on the Grand Prix Canada:


Jay Freeland discusses manufacturing and technology

Tune in to hear FARO CEO Jay Freeland talk about the state of international business and why he believes in a manufacturing comeback.

Hosted by Liz Claman, Countdown to the Closing Bell offers a daily glimpse of market activity and opinions from leading Wall Street analysts, investors and top executives.

To Liz’s final question “Are you hiring?” Jay responded “We are hiring!”.
Have a look at job offers at FARO Europe.


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