SCENE 5.0 is now available!

FARO introduced its latest laser scanner software SCENE 5.0 for the Focus3D today. New features have been added which help to reduce post‐processing time dramatically.

New features:

– automatic fine registration
– project Database
– 3D stereo viewing
– industry standard ASTM E57

Learn all about the new features of 5.0 SCENE in just in 5 minutes:


European User Meeting 2012 – agenda

Meet experts, users and partners to learn all about the latest developments in 3D documentation and laser scanning in Zurich on May 22nd and 23rd. The two-days event will include the following applications:
– Architecture
– Construction, historic preservation
– Forestry and Agriculture
– Mining and tunneling
– Processes and Manufacturing
– Quality control
– Reverse Engineering
– Forensics and accident documentation


European User Meeting agenda

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FARO announces the 2012 European User Meeting for Laser Scanning and 3D Documentation in Zurich

After the success of the 1st International Specialist and User Forum for 3D Documentation in Essen, with more than 300 attendees, we realized that there is a lot of interest in 3D documentation. With this in mind, it is our intention to organize this event on an annual basis in different regions of the world. Just recently the second 3D Documentation Conference took place in Orlando, Florida on 21 – 22 February, 2012.

On an European level we are also organizing the first European User Meeting in 2012 taking place on 22 – 23 May at the Schloss Sihlberg in Zurich, Switzerland. This user meeting will focus on hands-on workshops in different applications to share the latest developments in 3D Documentation and to offer the opportunity to exchange experiences between the participants.

You and us – we are all part of it! We are proud to host this valuable communication platform for users, development partners and potential customers for the second time. Therefore the 2012 European User Meeting will have a strong focus on learning and will facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge between users. Specialist talks and numerous workshops will make this event a learning experience on the latest advances in 3D Documentation.

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-> Are you interested in presenting your 3D documentation preject?


FARO Laser Scanner brings heritage experts and specialists together

Almost 50 people joined the FARO open house “3D digitalization dedicated to heritage” on March 2nd in Lyon. This event was organized with the support of CNRS UMR 5138 „Archéométrie et Archéologie“  – archaeometry and archaeology – division of the French National Center for Scientific Research, which introduced their current projects to the attendees.

The team of medievalists of CNRS UMR 5138 “Archaeometry and Archaeology” is specialized in the study of frames. It has recently acquired a FARO Laser Scanner, which offers them the possibility to measure elevations and make as-built documentation of the historical sites they study. According to CNRS UMR 5138  “the Laser Scanner provides a new mode of presentation of archaeological data and an ideal medium for an appropriate approach to medieval construction sites”.

Heritage experts and specialists attended the event to experience more about the Laser Scanner and its possible applications to preserve or renovate historical structures and buildings. They left the event enthusiastic and gave positive feedback. Once again, a success for FARO Laser Scanner.



FARO UK has been chosen to showcase its world-class expertise after being lined-up for a best practice visit.

The Inside Manufacturing Enterprise Programme, which is funded by the Manufacturing Advisory Service and delivered by Coventry University Enterprise, has revealed its latest line-up for factory tours, which includes FARO UK. “FARO UK is excelling in its chosen field and will open its doors to show delegates how they have implemented world class processes, developed new services and embraced the latest technology.” says Michelle Connors, IME project officer. FARO UK will be visited by a delegation on March 15th.

Inside Manufacturing Enterprise has been running for nine years and in that time has facilitated more than 100 best practice visits to companies in every sector imaginable – including Brintons Carpets and Airbus UK.

To book a place on the tour or for further information contact Nicole Barraclough on 07974 984128 or email


Blazing-speed 3D documentation of a bridge with Focus3D at ice-cold -22°C

TPI, FARO’s laser scanner distributor in PolandTPI, FARO’s laser scanner distributor in the territory of Poland, carried out a project of rapid 3D documentation of a bridge for maintenance purposes using the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D. The work took place in freezing temperatures of -22°C!

Focus3D, a high-performance 3D laser scanner with intuitive touchscreen control offers rapid and exact measurements of buildings, construction objects, structural analysis and maintenance, free-form components inspection or for example huge steel constructions like bridges.

TPI, FARO’s laser scanner distributor in PolandIn this project TPI created a precise 3D documentation of the current status of a bridge located close to Rzeszow, Poland. The scanning of the bridge took 20 minutes, vectorization of recorded scans: 30 minutes and the export of the data to AutoCAD only 10 minutes. In total TPI spent for the whole project only 1 hour time!

>>More information about Focus3D


Webinar series on FARO CAM2 GAGE 2.1 software

We invite you to join our FARO Webinar series – FARO CAM2 GAGE 2.1 software – explore the simplicity!

The CAM2 GAGE Software is FAROs CAM2 solution for measuring basic geometry and building dimensions. It allows you to quickly measure geometric features on your part so that you can easily report the dimensions you need to control.

Topics of the webinar are:
* Introduction CAM2 GAGE
* Live Software Demo – We will demonstrate how easy it is to measure with CAM2 GAGE
* Learning session – Ask your questions & develop your software skills

German:  February 23rd (15:00) -> register
French:  March 6th (15:00) -> register
Italian: March 13th (15:00) -> register
Spanish: March 14th (15:00) -> register

A recording of the English version of the webinar can be found here.


FARO Focus3D has been honored with the iF Design Gold Award 2012!

For nearly ten years the iF product design award has been an internationally recognized label for award-winning design and the iF brand has become a symbol for outstanding achievements in design.

We are delighted to let you know that – out of 2,923 entries from 48 countries – FARO Focus3D has won the “iF Design Gold Award 2012” and will be recognized with the renowned iF label.

The award ceremony took place in the auditorium of the “BMW Welt” in Munich on February 10th 2012.


Webinar: FARO and Autodesk – Point Cloud Technology

We invite you to join our FARO and Autodesk Webinar – Point Cloud Technology which will take place at 12:00 PM (UK time) on February 17th.

A joint presentation with Autodesk and FARO, sharing best practice in taking surveyed and point cloud data into design applications such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit and Plant 3D and sharing with Navisworks will be shown.

Friday, February 17, 2012
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM GMT (UK time)


More Information:


FARO Focus3D used in police investigation after discovery of a dead body in the Netherlands

Last week the FARO Focus3D featured in a news item of the local broadcasting station ‘TV Gelderland Nieuws’ in the Netherlands (see video below). As reported, the body of a man had been found on the street in the city of Arnhem on Tuesday the 31st of January. The national police started its investigation with a team of 25 detectives. It was unclear whether the cause of his death had been the result of a crime, although it was suspected that violence must have been in play.

As the KLPD (National Police Services of the Netherlands) had only recently purchased the FARO Focus3D in December 2011, they now had a state-of-the-art laser scanner to assist them in their investigation. The FARO Focus3D enables crime scene investigators to make a detailed documentation of the scene and surroundings of any investigation. The actual measurements can then be conducted afterwards and do not necessarily have to be made on site.

It was later discovered that the death of the man was tightly connected with the injury of a 21-year old woman earlier that day. According to the police the man and woman had recently ended their relationship.  During a fight in her home in Arnhem the ex-boyfriend had injured the woman with a stabbing weapon. The man of 33 was later found dead near his home. The police have now been able to conclude that the death of this man was not the result of a crime, but had instead been self-inflicted.

Source: TV Gelderland Nieuws, 2nd of February 2012 (


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