Reverse engineering in the automotive sector


Stone Exhaust Systems design their own exhaust systems using reverse engineering. Our FARO EDGE 3D Scanner and the FARO Design ScanArm DSA2.0. allows them to capture the design of the original system and then create an exhaust system for the Mercedes AMG model. 


Standing the test of time with special reinforcement by modern technology

When it comes to rebuilding historical sites, the traditional ways of rebuilding can have flaws, that is where modern 3D printing technology is able to offer a much better option.  

Dating back to 1761, The Great Pagoda was built in the Royal Palaces, enriching the London skyline for curious crowds of tourists. The dragons were removed before roof repairs could take place and were never replaced. Time has come, and the Historical Royal Palaces have decided to reinstate the dragons atop. 

Once designed, a dragon prototype was carved from wood then scanned into a 3D design environment with FARO® Design ScanArm, enabling to address HRP’s concerns regarding weight and facilitating the ability to scale up to various sizes. 

The Great Pagoda, located in Kew Gardens, London, carries 72 dragons reaching up to 1.8 meters in length. 


Expert interview with Denis Wohlfeld

Denis Wohlfeld, a Senior Innovation Manager at FARO, leads FARO’s smart factory technology innovation and is the coordinator for ARENA2036 project “Digital Twin”. Smart factories have a mission to eliminate errors, increase repeatability and respond quickly and flexibly to real-time changes in demand. In the future, they will make decisions for themselves by learning every day how to make production more efficient.  

FARO creates the link between the real and the digital worlds. Creating a Digital Copy, a digital version of a part or a component, allows engineers to test and simulate new parameters and design variants that would be impossible in the physical world, to a high degree of precision.  



FARO @ Tech Severn

The Tech Severn event brought together a crowd with an interest in technology to showcase how technology could improve the lives of residents within the Shropshire county. PSG, a company offering a wide range of design services, took it as an opportunity to showcase the FARO 3D Laser Scanner along with the support and assistance of a FARO representative, Jack Strongitharm, and his very impressive 360° virtual reality Walker. Learn how PSG benefits from using our versatile FARO Laser Scanners: 


FARO @ CCR Summit 

This year’s annual International CCR Summit is inviting you for a 2-day programme to enjoy Summit Break-Out Sessions, Masterclasses, Workshops & Training sessions at the Conference Center Bovendonk. The topics covered by the event are Command & Control, Real-time Intelligence, Analytics & Big Data, Safe Cities, Community Policing and Critical Communications. 

When: 10-11 October 2018 

Where: Hoeven, Netherlands 


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