New FARO® Vantage Laser Tracker Product Line

FARO are delighted to announce the launch of the new Vantage Laser Tracker product line. The new FARO® Laser Tracker Vantage product family sets a new price/performance standard for addressing challenges in large-scale metrology including, but not limited to, assembly alignment, part and assembly inspection, machine installation and alignment, and reverse engineering.


The FARO Vantage product family consists of two high performance models, the VantageE with an operating range of 25 meters and the VantageS with an operating range of 80 meters. Both compact models offer industry leading portability with an integrated master control unit (MCU), hot swappable batteries that eliminate the need for AC power and cabling, and industrial grade Wi-Fi for reliable, wireless communications. This set of advanced features, along with a single carrying case, enables easy transport between job sites and/or locations within the factory by a single user.

The FARO VantageS and VantageE Laser Trackers are extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machines that enable you to build products, optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring quickly, simply and precisely. These Laser Trackers optimize workflow productivity management for large-scale metrology applications including, but not limited to, assembly alignment, part and assembly inspection, machine installation and alignment, and reverse engineering.

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Italy’s Invisible Cities

Invisible Italy, a new TV series launched by BBC ONE takes viewers on a stunning historical journey through three of Italy’s most prominent cities. As part of this programme, ScanLAB projects used FARO scanners to provide viewers with a first hand perspective of Italy’s past.

hidden italy

FARO scanners played a significant role in offering new and previoulsy impossible insights into these cities. Sub-sea LIDAR scans were used in the Bay of Naples to scan underwater and take viewers back in time to explore the Bourbon Tunnels as well as the ruins od Herculaneum, Neapolitan catacombs and Roman Quarries. The whole lenght of the Grand Canal in Venice was also scanned from a moving boat. Other historical sites that the show unvieled was the original ghetto, the secret synagogues and the Jewish quarters. In addition, FARO scanners mapped the enter Vasari corridor including scans of the Uffizi Galley in under an hour.

Each programme is accompanied by 360 Youtube videos which allow viewers to navigate the exact same set of data that was captured by FARO scanners and used by the BBC to create the show. These can be viewed by clicking on the folllowing links. To explore the ruins of the Roman Seaside resort in Naples with a reputation for vice and debauchery please click here. Explore the secret corridor that allowed Florence’s ruthless rulers to travel through their city unseen by clicking here. Discover the secret torture chamber in the heart of the republic’s power structure by clicking here.

The three episodes are initially being aired in the UK but will also air internationally through BBC worldwide and its overseas partners.

To watch Invisible Italy please click here.



FARO UK Laser Technology Event

Rugby UK, 21st November 2016 – FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO): FARO UK are celebrating the successful debuts of two advanced new products at the FARO UK Laser Technology Event

FARO UK recently hosted a successful Laser Technology Event at the company’s impressive new, Rugby based headquarters. Visitors to the well-attended event were able to witness impressive demonstrations of the latest FARO technologies that are intended for large-volume surface inspection and large scale laser-guided assembly and production.

Launch event

New FARO laser innovations on display included the FARO VectorRI imaging laser radar, featuring the world’s only LIDAR with High Speed Imaging technology (HSI). The advanced VectorRI is an ultra-high speed, large-volume, non-contact 3D measurement solution with high-resolution 3D imaging and projection guidance for both manual and automated manufacturing processes.

In addition, the new FARO TracerM laser projector, intended for laser-guided assembly and production, was also demonstrated. Eliminating physical templates, the innovative new FARO product allows operators to quickly and accurately position components with absolute confidence.

Attendees from industries such as civil engineering, automotive and both rail and aerospace manufacturing were extremely impressed by the precise, large-volume capabilities of FARO’s advanced new technologies. FARO staff are now busy following-up the many leads generated at the event and performing on-site demonstration of the company’s new products.


FARO® generates excitement at Intergeo with the newly released Focus S laser Scanner

At this year’s Intergeo in Hamburg, FARO® presented numerous new and enhanced products to its architecture, engineering and construction customers. Intergeo attendees were able to see first-hand the Laser Scanner FocusS Laser Scanner, the Freestyle3D Objects Handheld Scanner, SCENE, PointSense Software and the newly announced Mobil Mapping Solution, the Road Scanner C.


Generating the most interest and enthusiasm was the new Laser Scanner FocusS which was the highlight at the FARO booth and was visualized on a big screen multiple times. The FocusS  is the most recent member of FARO’s popular laser scanner product line, which compliments the functionality of its latest Focus3D predecessors, adding several customer-centric features. An extended scanning range (150 m and 300 m), an extended operating temperature (-20° C to +55° C), the industry standard Ingress Protection (IP) rating classification IP54, an innovative accessory bay and a built-in compensation routine all provide AEC professionals with enhanced versatility and efficiency in the field. With a larger and luminous touch-screen the FocusS offers easy operation and its weight is more than 20% lighter in comparison to the previous generation models.

For precise scanning of mid-range measurement volume, FARO presented the new powerful Freestyle3D Objects Handheld Scanner as an Early Adopter Product to trade show visitors. Primarily designed for the Product Design market, the device also provides AEC professionals with a solution for 3D capturing medium-size MEP components and historical artifacts such as relics and sculptures. With a scanning range of 0.3 to 0.8 meter, the FARO Freestyle3D Objects captures scan data quickly in detailed colour and is suitable for different ambitious measurement tasks.

With the releases of FARO SCENE 6.2, customers could gain an insight into how the new on-site compensation tool is supported software based. Next to gaining information on the workflow of verifying and adjusting the scanner’s compensation parameters, customers learned how to generate a comprehensive compensation document automatically.

Trade show visitors that have been searching for solutions to efficiently process their laser scanning data, were able to see the introduction of the new PointSense Software programs. FARO has introduced new powerful tools for the modeling and alignment of building and plant components based on point cloud data, such as the new SmartSnap command in PointSense for AutoCAD and the extraction of MEP pipes in PointSense for Revit®.

Finally, attendees were amazed with the introduction of the new Road Scanner C, FARO’s first mobile mapping application, addressing customers in the infrastructure field with a state-of-the-art documentation solution. Realized as a joint project with the partner SITECO, FARO® will concentrate on the hardware sale.

Intergeo proved to be an extremely successful event for FARO which included three days on the trade show floor filled with positive customer feedback, numerous new contacts and insightful ideas for future product developments.


FARO wins “Hardware Product of 2016” award at the Construction Computing Awards

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the FARO Focus X330 won the award for the best hardware product of the year at the Construction Computing Awards 2016.

David Southam, Regional manager for Europe North collected the award on behalf of Faro Technologies and had the following to say, “It was a great pleasure to be nominated for this year’s best hardware category at the Hammers 2016, it was a fabulous evening with many of the key construction players represented at the awards.  The team and I had a really good night with superb entertainment and great networking opportunities.”

team photo

The winners of the 2016 Construction Computing Awards were announced at a gala event at BMA House in London. Over 180 supporting guests gathered to see the outcome of the readers’ online voting and judging panel’s deliberations.

FARO won the best hardware product of 2016 with the Faro Focus X330, a terrestrial 3D laser scanner specially designed for outdoor applications due its small size, light weight, extra long range, extended scanning possibilities even in direct sunlight and easy positioning with to the integrated GPS receiver.

To learn more about the FARO Focus laser scanner please click here.


Exclusive FARO UK Launch Event For Brand New Laser Technology

On the 8th – 9th November 2016, FARO will be hosting an exclusive two-day laser technology event at our FARO UK Office in Rugby.

During this event we will present the FARO VectorRI Imaging Laser Radar, an ultra-high speed, large-volume, non-contact 3D measurement solution with high-resolution 3D imaging and projection guidance for manual and automated manufacturing processes.

Visitors will also be given the opportunity to see a live-demo of the new FARO TracerM Laser Projector for laser-guided assembly and production.

In addition, our complete product range will be on display which includes the FARO Cobalt Array Imager, FARO Laser TrackerFARO Arm and the latest 3D laser scanners.

We will also offer a guided tour of our UK Service/Calibration Centre.

For more information about this event please click here.


Super 6DoF – The Large-Scale Measurement Solution that Can See Around Corners

FARO’s Super 6DoF package combines all the capabilities of 3D Measurement Arm and Laser Tracker technology to create an integrated 3D measurement system that is the industry’s only 6-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF)* solution that completely eliminates line-of-sight challenges and significantly expands measurement range while maintaining superior accuracy.


Benefits to Existing Users:

If you already use a Laser Tracker, adding the FaroArm will eliminate line-of-sight restrictions and will provide fast, high-resolution 3D scanning to easily measure difficult to reach features and surfaces.

If you already use a FaroArm, adding the Laser Tracker will expand the Arm’s working volume so it can be quickly positioned with greater accuracy.

The Super 6DoF package provides greater capability and value with a turnkey bundle that includes two separate portable coordinate measurement machines (PCMM) and leading 6DoF capabilities.

*6-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF): A specific parameter count for the number of degrees of freedom an object has in three-dimensional space.


FARO expands Factory Metrology offerings with Acquisition of BuildIT Software & Solutions Ltd.

BuildIT Software & Solutions Ltd. is a leader in process-configurable 3D metrology software solutions with hardware agnostic interfaces.

By adding BuildIT Software to its metrology portfolio, FARO customers now have even greater software options for use in a variety of 3D metrology manufacturing applications to reduce inspection and assembly times and increase productivity.

BuildIT Software delivers an ideal solution for large-volume metrology and configurable in-process metrology. Rooted in the Aerospace industry, the software has optimized workflows for jig and tool building, real-time assembly, and alignment work.

BuildIT’s highly-configurable and flexible workflow automation capabilities are perfect for your specific automation needs. From building a repeatable process for use with a portable metrology device, to creating a process for an in-line metrology solution, BuildIT’s automation suite is there for you. Process creation can be as simple as recording your measurement process as you perform it, or extremely complex and powerful, using our advanced process editor. It is designed to be configurable to your workflow, whether that is a small shop floor or a huge in-line factory.


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Tried and tested: Possibilities and limits of different 3D scanning technologies

A frequently asked question regarding the areas of stocktaking, construction progress monitoring and quality assurance is; which 3D scanning technology is the most suitable for the task in question?

Due to the continually increasing number of options, this question is not so easy to answer. Data sheets contain a wealth of technical details, but even specialists find it difficult to identify what this all means in relation to everyday use. New users who are just starting out with 3D scanning technologies are confronted with a huge and often confusing range of offers.

From this problem sprang the idea to review theoretical expectations and technical specifications through a practical exercise. Within the scope of an extensive campaign, a wide variety of devices and scanning/recording methods were used from FARO as well as other providers, in order to produce a three-dimensional scan of the idyllic municipality of Dischingen, which borders  the Swabian Jura. The entire town centre was scanned in detail, as well as the beautiful baroque church St. Johannes Baptist, from the nave to all the way up to the belfry.

Experts from FARO wanted to scan it precisely. They chose to use the FARO Focus3D and the FARO Freestyle3D laser scanners, as well as the latest generation of the FARO ScanArm and a FARO Laser Tracker. Furthermore, a wide range of hand-held scanners, a professional drone with camera and various different photo cameras were used. With the help of modern photogrammetry methods, 3D data was extracted from the pictures.

A direct comparison of the various data sets from identical objects could then be used to identify the differences between the methods that were used. The comprehensive results enable every user to assess the possibilities and limits of the available technologies based on practical examples from everyday use, which in turn helps them to make the optimum choice for their project.

Have we aroused your interest? Are you interested in the results of the project? Then come and visit the FARO 3D Conference 2016. Meet our FARO experts personally and find out the details of the results during one of our relaxed workshops.
Further topics will include, among others, the structured utilisation of SCENE software and the resulting, efficient processing of large quantities of data, the use of intra-operative imaging technologies in medical technology, and some exciting insights into user cases with 3D technology in forensics and public security.

Precise details of the programme and the speakers can be found here: http://www.faro-europe.com/3dconference2016/



A glimpse into the future of digitalisation FARO 3D Conference 2016 at the Kraftwerk Rottweil

Rugby, United Kingdom, 9 June, 2016 – FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:FARO), 3D technologies open up chances for industrial production, which have by no means been exploited to the full so far. Be it the mapping of existing facilities and buildings, measures for quality assurance or intelligent production planning and control – 3D technologies help to increase productivity and efficiency in all of these areas.

Experts and interested parties from all over Europe will be discussing future potential and practical experiences at the next FARO 3D Conference, which will take place on 3rd and 4th November 2016 at the Kraftwerk Rottweil. This networking event offers exclusive insight into the latest developments of the world’s leading provider of measurement and imaging technology. With talks, workshops and presentations, FARO wants to introduce the entire bandwidth of application possibilities of its hard and software products.


The conference participants can discover for themselves with the help of numerous hands-on training activities, just how simply and precisely 3D objects can be scanned and how quickly the data can be processed. Experienced users of the 3D technologies will highlight some best-practice examples and provide valuable tips and tricks for getting the most from the FARO product portfolio.

FARO specialists Dr. Bernd-Dietmar Becker, Chief Technology Strategist and Oliver Bürkler, Director Product Management, will take a look at the factory of the future in their visionary plenary lecture. “We provide the participants with an exciting overview of the latest product ideas from the FARO lab”, says Dr. Bernd Dietmar Becker, “and offer them a platform for discussing visionary ideas and strategies with experts and opinion leaders from the 3D arena.”

A ‘Call for Papers’ has been issued by the company so that interested parties can help to shape the 3D conference. The conference will be held in English.

More information can be found here.




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