TracerM provides a solution for accurate assembling

FARO has recently launched the TracerM which accurately projects a 0.5mm wide laser line onto a 2D/3D surface or object to provide a virtual template that enables operators and assemblers to quickly and accurately position components with absolute confidence.

It has always been a challenge when assembling large cumbersome components. In many cases its key that there is a high level of precision when assembling large components. For example, an inaccuracy of just 1mm when assembling two prefabricated elements such as an aircraft’s fuselages could result in massive deviations.

The TracerM provides a precise solution for operators and assemblers in ensuring that there is an improvement in productivity and accuracy.

To further discover how the TracerM can improve the assembling of components, click here or if you would like to book a web demonstration for the TracerM you can request here.

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