FARO – AMS Webinar

FARO are working together with AMS on an automotive Webinar to inform viewers about our 3D measuring and scanning solutions.

Webinar title: FARO 3D Portable Measurement and Inspection Solutions for the Pre-Production Phase in Automotive Manufacturing

Webinar content description:
The application of portable 3D metrology solutions has superseded traditional measurement and inspection methods as OEMs continue to recognise the benefits of this technology in manufacturing processes. In this webinar we will focus on the principle metrology challenges in the decisive pre-production phase. The presentation will describe how FARO’s portable 3D metrology technology can be applied in pre-production phases such as first articles, tools and jigs, dies and moulds and BIW, increasing productivity and reducing cycle time.

Date: Tuesday 16 May 2017
Time: BST 15:00  (CEST 16.00 | EDT 10:00 | SGT 22.00)

Presenter: Majid Yaqub – Sales Engineer at FARO Technologies UK

To register please Click Here.

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