FARO expands Factory Metrology offerings with Acquisition of BuildIT Software & Solutions Ltd.

BuildIT Software & Solutions Ltd. is a leader in process-configurable 3D metrology software solutions with hardware agnostic interfaces.

By adding BuildIT Software to its metrology portfolio, FARO customers now have even greater software options for use in a variety of 3D metrology manufacturing applications to reduce inspection and assembly times and increase productivity.

BuildIT Software delivers an ideal solution for large-volume metrology and configurable in-process metrology. Rooted in the Aerospace industry, the software has optimized workflows for jig and tool building, real-time assembly, and alignment work.

BuildIT’s highly-configurable and flexible workflow automation capabilities are perfect for your specific automation needs. From building a repeatable process for use with a portable metrology device, to creating a process for an in-line metrology solution, BuildIT’s automation suite is there for you. Process creation can be as simple as recording your measurement process as you perform it, or extremely complex and powerful, using our advanced process editor. It is designed to be configurable to your workflow, whether that is a small shop floor or a huge in-line factory.


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