FARO Factory Array Imager

The next generation of automated probes offer advanced in-process inspection for integration and infrastructure at minimal costs.

The FARO Factory Array Imager is a scanner with extremely high accuracy for contactless measurements which, with its blue-light technology measurement, within seconds computes several million 3D coordinates on component surfaces – regardless of colour, texture, reflectance or ambient light.

Structured light and stereo recordings open up new possibilities in 3D measurement & inspection and reverse engineering. The new optical 3D measurement system by FARO, the FARO Factory Array Imager, combines the two processes and complements them with high-performance 3D processing.

The combination of flexibility, portability, speed and accuracy makes the compact and light FARO Factory Array Imager an ideal but cost-effective solution for 3D data capture or reverse engineering of components or modules in many different industries, such as automotive, aviation and space flight, and mechanical and plant engineering.

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Maximum flexibility

3D measurement technology is performed in many places in large manufacturing plants. From an economic perspective it is advantageous for a measurement system to be implemented in a wide range of scenarios. The FARO Factory Array Imager solves these requirements with an appropriate case design with variable mounting options. The lenses can be easily exchanged, allowing maximum flexibility between measurement field sizes and resolutions.

From mobile use on a tripod to fixed mounting on a turntable and operation as a 3D measurement system on a robotic arm – the highly flexible FARO Factory Array Imager can manage all of these scenarios. One effective way of measuring particularly large components quickly, is to combine multiple 3D measurement systems together virtually.


On-board processing

The FARO Factory Array Imager is equipped with dedicated on-board processing – an innovation in its field. On-board processing enables the FARO Factory Array Imager to compute precise point cloud data before the data is transferred to the software for evaluation. Thanks to dedicated processing by the FARO Factory Array Imager, a consistent computing speed is guaranteed – regardless of which other tasks the evaluating PC is currently carrying out. This simplifies the integration in the manufacturing process and enables the control of several units by a single central PC.


Group arrangement of several Factory Array Imagers

The arrangement of several FARO Factory Array Imagers is subject to virtually no limitations. Many FARO Factory Array Imagers can be used at the same time to collect data from the object currently being inspected. This expands the visual field which in turn leads to reduced test times and increased productivity. In many cases, a group arrangement of several FARO Factory Array Imagers is advantageous. They are exceptionally fast, precise, cost-effective, easy to integrate and simple to maintain – in contrast to the currently available, robot-based imagers or laser line systems.

The FARO Factory Array Imager therefore fulfils all technical and economic requirements of a modern measurement system for industrial manufacturing and efficiently supports the automated workflow.

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HDR (High Dynamic Range)

The HDR function enables both light and dark surfaces to be measured simultaneously in that the data is collected by using different exposure times. The user can set as many exposure times as required to guarantee full capturing of the surface. Alternatively, the settings can also be computed and instigated automatically and reliably by the FARO Factory Array Imager. This enables light and dark surfaces and/or multi-coloured objects to be captured precisely in a single scan event.


Shutter priority

The shutter priority provides optimal exposure to guarantee the best possible data capture at all times. The optimal exposure settings can then be saved and transferred to the inspection programme. The steps required for the shutter priority can therefore simply be skipped next time which further speeds up the process.


Stereo cameras

Stereo cameras provide the highest possible accuracy while also monitoring the system. This guarantees that the system works within the specifications and that during each measurement process, the scans are carried out with a high level of consistency.


Expanded stereo mode

In the expanded stereo mode, all data from the left and right camera is optimally combined. This ensures that the surface captured with each scan is maximised. Problems with the line of sight, which commonly occur with other imaging systems, are now a thing of the past. What is possibly missed by one camera (because of problems with the line of sight) is simply captured by the other. The number of pictures required during the inspection is therefore minimised and the general inspection time reduced.


Exchangeable lenses

The exchangeable lenses provide a range of applications for maximum flexibility. This means that the system is able to capture point cloud data on components and parts of various sizes and with various point pitches (resolution).

To exchange them, the lens kits can be removed from the FARO system without a problem.


Blue-light technology

The FARO Factory Array Imager uses a blue LED with digital image projection to achieve a high-intensity, structured luminous patterns. This technology produces an excellent contrast, even on dark and shiny surfaces.

The FARO Factory Array Imager cameras are set to the light spectrum of the blue-light LED.

This virtually eliminates ambient light which enables it to be operated independently of the lighting conditions. The LED emits a high intensity light which reduces the exposure time. The digital projector on the other hand is able to switch between several image projections within seconds.

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