Always one step ahead – 10 years of laser scanning

An unprecedented success story began ten years ago when iQvolution AG of Ludwigsburg, Germany, was acquired by FARO Technologies, Inc. This global market leader in the area of portable coordinate measuring machines added 3D laser scanners to its array of products as a result.

“We are confident that this step will push the continuing development of our 3D laser scanning technology towards new products and strengthen the global expansion of our market presence”, said Dr. Bernd Becker, founder of iQvolution and now Chief Technology Strategist at FARO Europe, commenting on the merger – and he was proven right.

A whole range of innovative developments in the areas of 3D laser technology and computer-aided measuring systems bear witness to success. FARO has been ahead of the market for years. How about some examples? In 2006, FARO introduced a laser scanner that allowed three-dimensional measurements to be taken outdoors – and this was a sensation. A short time afterwards, the company again surprised the market when they presented the Photon laser scanner.

The big breakthrough came in 2010 – only five years after taking over the 3D laser scanner line of business and incorporating it into the FARO portfolio: FARO developed the smallest and lightest laser scanner in the world. Furthermore, this high-tech device was as easy to use as a digital camera. The company showcased its consistent ongoing developments with the Focus3D X 130 and the Focus3D X 330, which allow an even greater range while providing excellent and precise measurement results. The 3D documentation business also sustained further growth that year with the Freestyle3D models – top-quality high-precision hand scanners.


The world’s leading provider of 3D measurement technology is consistently focused on strategic growth. This is clearly indicated by the targeted acquisitions of established software companies such as CAD Zone, Inc., ARAS 360 Technologies Inc., and kubit GmbH. It means that customers worldwide are provided with even better software options and a comprehensive product range that covers the entire workflow in the field of 3D documentation.

As is already apparent from this short review, time and again, FARO impressively underlines its claim to leadership in the area of digital measurement technology. In the future also, one can look forward to more ideas and innovations from FARO that connect the real and virtual worlds.

FARO successfully entered into the field of 3D laser scanning technology ten years ago with the acquisition of iQvolution AG Ludwigsburg. Since then, it has achieved a lot: in 2006, the company introduced the first laser scanner for taking three-dimensional measurements outdoors – and this was a sensation. Nowadays, these high-tech devices achieve ranges of up to 330 metres and are also small, mobile, and easy to use.



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