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Red carpet at INTERGEO: the new Freestyle meets with huge interest in Stuttgart.

FARO used this year’s INTERGEO to allow people to get a sense of its products up close. Visitors to the trade fair could pick up the FARO Scanner Freestyle3D and experience the ease of use and the quality of the point cloud for themselves. As part of a competition, they were first asked to size up the model of a fish by eye. The participants then measured the fish precisely and by themselves using the Freestyle3D. Visitors to the stand evidently enjoyed the promotion, which also showed how efficient the scanning and registering of point clouds can be without special setup work. In addition, it was demonstrated that the device can be used by almost everyone immediately. Here too, precision was crucial. At the end, the prize on offer for the promotion was a weekend in Hamburg.
Clear value was also important to visitors to the stand. Despite the concentrated content, FARO products are astonishingly manageable and portable. They also perform well in difficult circumstances and offer reliable protection against dust and water drops. Particular attention was paid to the fact that the point clouds of the FARO Focus3D can be easily combined with those of the Freestyle3D.

These qualities were praised, as was the simple processing of the point clouds and the opportunities for 3D modelling, which have arisen through the merger with the company formerly known as kubit GmbH (now: 3D Software GmbH). The new version 16.5 of the PointSense program was also met with considerable interest. They now contain additional tools and functionality for the efficient evaluation of 3D laser scanning data within Autodesk’s AutoCAD® and Revit®, thus speeding up the documentation of survey data considerably. Among the new PointSense functions for AutoCAD® are, for instance, the simultaneous fit of multiple polygons cross-sections or contours with point cloud layers, the single-click plane extraction and auto-boundary detection. Revit® users also benefit from a new, intuitive surface analysis tool that enables the deformation of any surface – such as walls, floors and ground – to be visualised in comparison to the point cloud. In addition, users of the Agisoft PhotoScan software can now import their calibrated photos into PointSense Heritage to use them as an additional reference source for modelling and image plan creation.

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