No component goes unchecked at Mürdter


When it comes to quality assurance at the automotive supplier Mürdter, nothing is left to chance. Each product is checked with a FARO measuring arm in order to guarantee that only flawless components are distributed to their customers.

Mürdter specialise in metal and plastic processing and every day the development engineers at Mürdter ask themselves the same basic question: How can we make this component even lighter without sacrificing quality?

Mürdter’s persistence has paid off in recent years and by using completely innovative methods, they have been able to keep finding ways to save a few grams.

Lightweight construction is a key issue in the automotive industry, and Managing Director Norman Mürdter stresses: “the global demands of environmental organisations and politicians for lower carbon dioxide emissions cannot be ignored.”

Mürdter covers most of the interior of a vehicle, such as the dashboard, with add-on and built-in components, the glove box, door trim, luggage compartment trim and the centre console. As an automotive supplier, Mürtder needs to ensure that when trying to save a few grams, quality is still the top priority in their manufacturing.


After having some dealings with FARO’s portable measurement devices in the Mürdter plant in the Czech Republic, Mürdter were convinced that a FARO measuring arm was the right choice for precision and accuracy.

The FARO measuring arms are currently being used intensively for a so-called hybrid frame for automobile panoramic sunroofs. This particularly large-component is produced approximately 1,100 each day, and all – without exception – checked with the measuring arms.

Head of Quality and Logistics Planning at Mürdter, Matthias Bracher, insists on one hundred percent product checking. “Not a single faulty component leaves our factory”.

Matthias Bracher highlights productivity, speed, ease of use and interface compatibility with third party software as the main advantages of using the FARO measuring arms.

Bracher concludes: “Never change a winning team: We have been quite satisfied ever since the introduction of FARO measuring arms. Even with a high throughput, as a result of using the measuring arms there are virtually no interruptions – everything runs smoothly.”


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