FARO Focus3D Pharmacy Sweep


With 2,800 stores, the DM pharmacy is one of Europe’s largest supermarket retail brands and is continuing to grow by around 10% annually.

In order to allow efficient building management, DM has measured the premises of its 1,350 German stores. To ensure the data was captured efficiently, quickly and accurately, the company opted for a solution using 3D laser scanners.

Complete documentation of the store areas and ancillary rooms enable optimum management of the areas, while shelf planning and modification measures can be arranged efficiently.

With the three-dimensional measurement, the joiners obtained the very latest store data, allowing for new photographic counters to be planned precisely in advance and their individual elements to be fitted accurately.

FARO Laser Scanners are compact, lightweight and at the same time highly efficient. The onsite scanning work could therefore be done by one person in four to five hours in each case. This meant that one to two stores could be recorded per person, per day.

The logistics company tasked with carrying out the measurements, IT Chain GmbH, found that the FARO Laser Scanner was ideal for the task as it is; compact, easy to operate, fast, accurate and objects are produced in their entirety, meaning new measurements aren’t required for complex work.

Christoph Ludin, Managing Director of IT Chain GmbH, stresses that without the FARO laser scanners it would have been “simply impossible to create so many accurate measurements of complex surroundings and buildings in such a short period of time”.

These measurements have made facility management easy for dm-drogerie markt to manage their assets and buildings without totally distrubing customers within the day-to-day running of the stores.

For more information download the Laser Scanner brochure or click here!


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