Unsurpassable Measurements for Dallara

In 1972, following a distinguished career in the automotive industry, Gian Paolo Dallara founded Dallara Automobili near Parma, Italy. Since then, the company has expanded, designing and building cars for
almost all of the racing competitions and winning races worldwide.


Dallara is a success story, the result of a passion for mechanics, involving the company’s 180 employees on a daily basis, with all employees at Dallara working with passion and skill on high-technology projects in order to gain the edge in the fiercely competitive world of motor racing.

In particular, it is absolutely crucial that each stage of production and assembly carried out in the factory is tested and validated using adequate measurement and control procedures.

FARO’s sophisticated portable measurement equipment fully satisfies the technological requirements of Dallara and FARO has been the automotive company’s chosen partner for a number of years.

Paola Carlorosi, Quality Assurance & Qualtiy Control Manager at Dallara explains: “Our collaboration has been ongoing since 2007, demonstrating the strength of our partnership.” Recently the decision was made at Dallara Automobili, based on this strong relationship, to invest in a 2.7m measuring arm, the FARO Edge ScanArm. The ScanArm is used mainly for non-contact quality control and reverse engineering.

The FARO Edge ScanArm – which combines the FARO Edge Portable Arm with a laser scanning probe – is a portable 7-axis coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which allows the user to easily check product quality through 3D inspections, comparisons with the CAD design, dimensional analysis and reverse engineering.

The integrated Laser Line Probe for laser scanning ensures perfect 3D measurement without even touching the surface of the product! “With this new measuring device,” says Paola Carlorosi, “the speed of data acquisition has increased enormously”, highlighting the cost and time benefits of using the FARO Edge ScanArm.


Dallara is currently using the FARO Edge ScanArm in the development and construction of the chassis’ for the Japanese Championship Super Formula and it has been used right from the prototype phase.

Paola Carlorosi concludes: “In general, the checks performed during the production and testing phases allow us to reduce errors, improve our core manufacturing processes and, in conclusion, achieve a higher quality level. If these checks are carried out using high-performance equipment that increases quality and reduces workload, then the benefits are definitely worthy of a Grand Prix!”

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