Evotech aided by FARO Edge ScanArm

Evotech, based in Villa Agnedo (Trento, Italy), is a company with an international reach that manufacturers special aftermarket accessories and components for sport and naked bikes.

Particular attention is paid at Evotech to the development of products that celebrate the concepts of design, functionality and ease of assembly. Evotech is therefore one of the points of excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ manufacturing, and has been able to raise its technological level by investing a good percentage of its yearly profits in research and development and cutting-edge production facilities.

– Benelli compressor by Evotech – 

Matteo Tisi, the firm’s Research, Design and Production Manager, explains: “The last step in this development process consisted of implementing a modern rapid prototyping and reverse engineering centre, which makes it possible to immediately progress from idea to product and to create and test several solutions for each new application.”

For this reason, Evotech chose to invest in a FARO Edge ScanArm, a next-generation portable seven-axis measurement arm equipped with a Laser Line Probe, used for contact and non-contact measurements. This device is the ideal solution to create a rapid interface between activities such as part/CAD comparision, 3D modelling and, of course, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering.

“We wanted to create a motorcycle, called the Trentino Naked 3, which would be able to achieve exceptional performance on the track. In the guise of a naked bike, this motorcycle conceals superbike features, dynamic excellent performace and a supercharged engine”, explains Tisi.

For this project Evotech took inspiration from a vintage model with a modern twist, brimming with cutting-edge technology and ‘Made in Italy’ style. This is partly the reason why Evotech purchased the FARO Edge ScanArm for use in reverse engineering: “FARO has made a great contribution by equipping us with technology that can make our ideas a reality,” says Matteo Tisi. In addition, the measurement arm is used by the company for other manufacturing activities, especially in reverse-engineering processes.

– Measurement with the FARO Edge ScanArm carried out by a specialised technician at Evotech – 

Tisi also believes that due to the precision and reliability of the FARO Edge ScanArm, Evotech will be soon be able to move directly from the reverse engineering phase to production, avoiding the intermediate rapid prototyping phase.

Matteo Tisi concludes: “This package fully satisfies our needs. The results are already clear: the data acquisition  phase is much more exact and precise, production speed has increased and time to market has decreased. The technology is changing the way we conceive of our products and its range of applications could increase significantly”.

For more information on the FARO ScanArm click here!

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