Laser Trackers: Precision from the Start

Bischoff + Scheck, a well-known name in motor sport, specialises in building special-purpose vehicles.
Founded in 1997, Bischoff + Scheck is now the biggest name in tailormade transporters for racing teams, mobile medical labs, and off-road vehicles for exhibitions.

Laser Tracker for reproducible quality_1.bmp

In 2007, when given the opportunity to work with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Bischoff + Scheck jumped at the chance…and who wouldn’t? With Vodafone McLaren Mercedes individual needs in mind, Bischoff + Scheck designed and built a 3-storey building which could be fully dismantled for transportation and re-assembled in 2 days, making it ideal for being set up by the racetrack.

Laser Tracker for reproducible quality_2

Quality for these tailormade projects is key for Bischoff + Scheck and  total quality was assured initially by the use of the Laser Tracker ION and now the more recent model, the FARO Laser Tracker Vantage. Andreas Warth, user of the Laser Tracker at Bischoff + Scheck says: “the device is sturdy, clearly arranged and as user-friendly as a smartphone”. Andreas also notes that the device has an impressive range and the software is extremely intuitive, making handling of the tracker very easy.

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