Laser Scanning The World’s Largest Fossil Oyster Reef


About 16,500,000 years ago giant oysters, sea-cows and sharks thrived along the coast of the Parathethys Sea. The deposits of which are currently exposed in the ‘Korneuburg Basin’ in Austria, not far from Vienna. And this worldwide and unique fossil site contains over 650 animal and plant species from a long gone ecosystem.

Financed by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), scientists of the Vienna  Museum of Natural History (NHM) and the Vienna University of Technology perform scientific analysis and interpretation of the fossil site, focusing on visualisation technology in Geology using Photogrammetry

Supported by 4D-IT GmbH, the FARO Focus 3D was used to document and analyse this unique fossil bed, allowing for a full 3D model of the oyster site to be made.

The portability of the Focus 3D is a huge advantage for the project as it means that the laser scanner can be taken directly on-site and can be manouvered into different positions in order to get a full and detailed scan of the fossil site.

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