Audi: Driven for Success

Audi has become a very serious player in the International GT Open Season, with racing-related activities being carried out by their stand-alone division under the banner of ‘quattro GmbH’. With one win already this season, Audi have set their sights on building on their outstanding success last season.

The need for precision and absolute quality is essential for Audi and for this reason they chose the FaroArm to ensure accuracy for their measurements and inspection.

It isn’t hard to see why the FaroArm has been so vital to the success of Audi in motor sport and Matthias Bauer, Development Engineer at quattro GmbH highlights versatility, user-friendliness and excellent customer service as the main advantages of using the FaroArm.

Audi in Motorsport_2

A combination of the expertise of Audi and quality assurance offered by the FaroArm means that every time a driver steps into his Audi R8 LMS, he knows he can count on it.

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