CAM2 Measure 10: A New Dimension in Point Cloud

CAM2 Measure 10.3 is the all-in-one measurement software that provides an intuitive solution for tactile and non-tactile measurement, with no additional software required.

Ideal for both CAD based and non-CAD based measuring. With its extensive range of modern features, CAM2 Measure 10.3 is perfect for using in conjunction with non-contact measurement systems such as the FARO ScanArm or the FARO Laser Tracker.

This new intuitive software can be used for tasks such as inspecting complex free-form surfaces, and even for flexible or soft materials which are difficult to inspect with a tactile system.

In addition, Cross Section Analysis, Deviation Markers, Point Cloud Registration, and an enhanced Live Colour Scan, all mean a boosted experience for the user in point cloud analysis and data collection. These new features serve to make the measurement process easier and faster by aiding users with their scanning and probing.


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