Live at INTERGEO – learn about Webshare in the new version of SCENE (5.1)

New FARO Webshare features - presented at INTERGEO 2012New FARO Webshare features at INTERGEO 2012SCENE presents a new upload manager for SCENE WebShare, the world’s most advanced scan project sharing platform.

In SCENE, it is now easier for the user to define basic information (meta data) of a scan project before uploading it to the WebShare server: e.g.

– a preview image of the project can be modified,
– project description and keywords can be defined making searches on WebShare much easier, or,
– a geo-location of the project can be specified to have WebShare correctly display the project location on a world map.

You can also set which functionalities WebShare should offer for the project: e.g. the user can define whether measurement should be possible in the panorama view and if scan data should be downloadable from the WebShare server. Based on these settings, SCENE will only upload the required data to the WebShare server.

SCENE WebShare now supports both greyscale/ intensity and colour images of scans. This feature, along with dual monitor support, permits the comprehensive and optimal visualization of project information.

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