Webinar – learn all about the new Laser Tracker Vantage

The goal of this webinar is to introduce you to the most flexible way to complete your measurement jobs faster, to measure in tough environments while maintaining the highest accuracy, and to move easily between job-sites.

What you can expect:
Learn all about the new Vantage, the most complete laser tracking solution:
– Measure around complex tooling and structures with the new SmartFind function;
– Create scans using TruADM enabling you the fastest dynamic measurements;
– Locate your target quickly when it is not in the normal position with MultiView cameras;
– Measure in demanding industrial conditions enabling you to complete your jobs more efficiently due to the IP52 rating;
– Evaluate and create accurate reports with FARO’s CAM2 Measure 10 software.

We offer this webinar in the following languages:
English – Tuesday 11 September 2012 – Register
French – Thursday 4 October 2012 – Register
German – Wednesday 26 September 2012 – Register
Italian – Tuesday 25 September 2012 – Register

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