MESURES awards FARO Edge with Special Mention

Special mention for the FARO EdgeLast July, Nicolas Chaise, Account Manager for the FaroArm product line, proudly received the coveted prize for the FARO Edge by MESURES in Paris. The state-of-the-art FARO measuring arm was awarded with a Special Mention at the 17th Technology Awards and prevailed in the product category “Mechanical Measurements”.

MESURES is a French reference magazine for industrial measurement. Each year it organises its own technological awards. It’s an opportunity for the editorial team to review all products which were presented to the journalists or which they discovered in the past year and award the most innovative measurement devices, solutions for instrumentation and industry automation in ten categories. Ten prize winners and eight special mentions have been distinguished.

The Edge stood out thanks to its unique built-in touchscreen and on-board operating system which provide stand-alone basic measurement capability. Other features like its robustness and multiple connexion options also convinced the jury of experts.

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