FARO Laser Scanner brings heritage experts and specialists together

Almost 50 people joined the FARO open house “3D digitalization dedicated to heritage” on March 2nd in Lyon. This event was organized with the support of CNRS UMR 5138 „Archéométrie et Archéologie“  – archaeometry and archaeology – division of the French National Center for Scientific Research, which introduced their current projects to the attendees.

The team of medievalists of CNRS UMR 5138 “Archaeometry and Archaeology” is specialized in the study of frames. It has recently acquired a FARO Laser Scanner, which offers them the possibility to measure elevations and make as-built documentation of the historical sites they study. According to CNRS UMR 5138  “the Laser Scanner provides a new mode of presentation of archaeological data and an ideal medium for an appropriate approach to medieval construction sites”.

Heritage experts and specialists attended the event to experience more about the Laser Scanner and its possible applications to preserve or renovate historical structures and buildings. They left the event enthusiastic and gave positive feedback. Once again, a success for FARO Laser Scanner.


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