FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D on 48 Hours

The Focus3D was featured last night on CBS’s “48 Hours Mystery“. The episode was about the murder investigation of the world championship boxer, Arturo Gatti.

In July 2009, Gatti’s wife was arrested for his murder but shortly thereafter Brazilian investigators determined that Gatti’s death was a suicide. Friends, family and fans refused to believe it and the Gatti family hired private investigators Paul Ciolino and Joe Moura to find out what really happened, as they were convinced the Brazilian police “bungled the investigation”.

Ciolino used the Focus3D to scan the inside of the beach-front condo where Gatti was found, and recreate the crime scene to determine if a suicide was possible. At the end of the investigation, the team delivered the news that Arturo Gatti did not commit suicide…he was murdered. Included in a 317-page report was data from the scans taken with the Focus3D analyzing the positioning of the supposed suicide along with blood spatter analysis – and the investigators and a team of experts all agree that Gatti was murdered.

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