Rulers are a thing of the past: the future belongs to 3D laser scanners

The future belongs to 3D laser scannersArchitects and civil engineers require millimetre-precise survey data for their work. With traditional measuring devices the measurement of a building or site is a tedious and complex process. Modern 3D laser scanners are time-saving and cost-efficient – and not only in the field of architecture. In our blog we will introduce you to this innovative technology.

3D laser scanners: tomorrow’s survey technology
For a long time yardsticks, spirit levels and theodolites were the only option for measuring buildings or sites. Surveying was simplified by laser measuring devices that indicated the distance between two points. With modern 3D laser scanners it is now possible to measure a real building and construct a virtual model in just a few steps. The leading laser scanners record up to one million data points per second. Within a few minutes they create a complex image of their surroundings. Architects’ drawings, floor plans and elevations etc. can be created with the survey data. The 3D laser scanner technology is quicker and more cost-efficient than conventional methods of documentation.

The many and varied applications of 3D laser scanning technology
And it is not only architecture that benefits from innovative 3D laser scanner technology. 3D measurement technology has established itself in a wide variety of industries. Film productions and game developers, for example, record real locations with 3D laser scanners. A 3D model is created from the survey data. This is used as a game level or a movie set by means of computer-generated imagery (CGI). The movie Inception, for example, spectacularly demonstrates the capabilities of this technology. The film makers modified the scenes in defiance of physical rules. They shifted bridges and walls or suddenly contorted the whole (film) world.

Possible areas of application for 3D laser scanning technology:
•    Architecture and structural engineering
•    Civil engineering
•    Aerospace
•    Mechanical engineering, automotive industry, ship building
•    Forensics and accident research
•    Energy
•    Medical systems, pharmaceuticals, chemistry & food
In our blog we provide you with some insights into various areas of application for 3D measurement technology.

The FARO blog is dedicated to innovative technology
The focus of the blog is on the use of 3D laser scanner technology and 3D measurement technology. For this we offer you, among other things, tutorials in the use of a laser scanner. We conduct interviews with users in order to gather tips for you directly from the operators. The possible applications and benefits resulting from this technology take centre stage. We also introduce new products and report on events associated with laser scanning and 3D measurement technology. We look forward to giving you a better understanding of the innovative 3D laser scanning technology. We will be happy to hear what you think. Under each of our articles you will find the option to make a comment. We are happy to help you with any questions and suggestions on the topic of 3D laser scanners. is a project from FARO.

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