Heritage for dummies: Historical Preservation – The Value of 3D Laser Scanning Surveying

When a culture wishes to preserve its heritage, its first area of focus is typically the preservation of historical objects and heritage sites that provide a tangible link with the past. Until recently, restoring historical treasures to their original form required guesswork. If an outdoor sculpture suffered weather damage, the lack of a record of its spatial data made its restoration imprecise. But today, preservationists are using 3D laser surveying to gather the precise data of historical treasures to aid in their potential restoration. Laser surveying-also referred to as laser-scanning-is traditionally associated with the engineering and manufacturing industries, where it is used to create new parts and products and troubleshoot existing products to resolve defects. But the same data capture abilities that make 3D laser scanning surveying valuable to engineers and manufacturers also makes it valuable to preservationists.

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